I liked this short story Jenna found romance and got her HEA and was never even looking for it, goodread Off to the Next book From Goodreads His Indecent ProposalErotic Romance NovellaApproximately 21,000 wordsWhen Jenna Hardin is approached with a business proposition that involves a short term marriage arrangement, she hesitatingly agrees It doesn t take long before she realizes the business involved is only a smokescreen and she is the ultimate commodity.
for book lovers and readers.
5 starsBRIEF SUMMARYDavid runs his family company however, he needs a wife to impress the board of directors when his uncle steps down The perfect candidate, Jenna Jenna works in accounting and is up to her neck in debts She is approached and offered a business arrangement that includes marriage for two years to David.
THOUGHTSAnother great read for me by the author I have read all of Lynda Chance s books so far, and you either like her style or you don t Nevertheless, there are many styles similar, but I think for the readers that loves her work, it s her infamous formula of chisel, sexy, controlling, and irritated alpha male, along with sweet, shy girl that pulls the reader in Once again, it came through this book and entertained me.
This cover may look innocent, but don t judge a book by its cover We have two interesting characters th would have been 5 star perfect if it had been a longer story.
Very short and unrealistic story Like Alexa Reily Uber Alpha male with a poor heroine and you know the result The excerpt will look like he was forcing her but it was not all true Safety Issue It was safe The heroine was non virgin and quite experienced No cheating.
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It wasn t bad but I couldn t see or feel the connection between David and Jenna I could understand what she saw in him but I don t understand what he saw in her.
↠´ His Indecent Proposal ↠´ This book is AMAZING I read it back in 2012 and have read it six or seven times since then I love the whole concept of a successful, accomplished, drop dead gorgeous business man propositioning a na ve, innocent and uncertain young woman with the idea of marriage Well, I say that David propositions her, he doesn t give her much choice in the matter LOVE the whole Alpha male thing He s noticed her at work for a while and can no longer deny the fact that he wants her He HAS to have her and he s the type of man who gets exactly what he wants One day Jenna makes a harmless joke about marriage to one of David s friends work colleagues Jenna doesn t know that David can hear her and his mind is made up He basically comes up with some ridiculous reason for Jenna to be his wife and makes the offer far too tempting for her to turn down Jenna is Oh hell yes This was absolutely perfect and has everything that, in my opinion, an erotic novella should First and foremost, good writing followed by a hot, possessive, dominating and stalker ish hero a strong but normal heroine some sort of coercion one of my fav themes lava hot love scenes then finally true love and happily ever after sigh.
As you can tell, I really loved this David can whisk me off and coerce me into anything he likes I really liked Jenna too She was sensible, sweet and down to earth, but fully admitted to herself how much she wanted David and went for it despite her reservations about the relationship I braced myself for a some sort of silly reason as to why she wouldn t stay with him and I was absolutely delighted when it did not happen This was very refreshing to me because I have read countless novellas where the heroines cite loss of independence as their re 3.
5 Marry Me Stars I was looking for a short, steamy read in between books Did I find it David needs a wife He believes he is going to be passed over on the promotion that he deserves because he isn t settled down Jenna has been working in the accounting department of David s company for six months Strangely, she finds him staring at her once in awhile When he approaches her about getting married, just briefly to make it look like he has finally settled down, she is completely baffled They don t even know each other He invites her to dinner so she accepts, figuring it is a way to tell him no Unfortunately, the dinner is at his house He is very convicing and she asks him for a kiss which he turns intoDavid is uber bossy and dominant Just what I needed.
Indecent ProposalErotic Romance NovellaApproximately , WordsWhen Jenna Hardin Is Approached With A Business Proposition That Involves A Short Term Marriage Arrangement, She Hesitatingly Agrees It Doesn T Take Long Before She Realizes The Business Involved Is Only A Smokescreen And She Is The Ultimate CommodityExcerpt Jenna Sat In First Class And Fiddled With The Platinum Band On Her Left Ring Finger She Watched David Sitting Next To Her From The ¸ His Indecent Proposal ↠´ Download by Ì Lynda Chance Corner Of Her Eye His Hand Still Held Hers Loosely Even In Sleep, His Fingers Laced Between Hers In A Hold Of Ownership, A Hold Of Possession That He Had Rarely Allowed Her Away From The Entire DayThey Were Approaching The Greater Cincinnati Airport And Her Mind Raced Over The Day That Had Just Passed It Was Almost Midnight, And Everything Had Been Accomplished In Less Than Twenty Four Hours When They Left His House That Morning, The First Thing They Did Was Meet With His Lawyer, And She Had Signed A Pre Nuptial Agreement Then They Had Left To Board A Flight To Vegas, And The Minute They Had Gotten There, He Hustled Her Into A Twenty Four Hour Wedding Chapel They Were Married Quickly Without Benefit Of Rings, But He Found A Jewelry Store When They Left The Chapel And Had One On Her Finger With What To Her Now Seemed To Be An Obscene Lack Of Consideration And Time Leaving The Jewelers, They Went Into A Hotel Restaurant And Had A Quick Meal, And Her Mind Shied Away From What Had Happened Next They Hadn T Packed For An Overnight Stay, And She Hadn T Understood Why He Checked Into The Hotel After They Ate Her Stomach Had Been Tied In Knots Through The Meal Anyway, And Apprehension And Nerves Screamed In Her Bloodstream As He Pulled Her By The Hand Up The Elevators To A RoomThe Minute The Door Had Clicked Shut, He Turned To Her And Began Unbuttoning Her Blouse Panic Attacked Her And She Put Her Fingers Over His To Stop Him What Are Y You Doing He Brushed Her Hands Aside And Continued To Strip Her Consummating The Marriage His Voice Was Harsh Why Can T W We Wait No I Want It Consummated Now Disturbed By What They Were Doing And His Reasons For It, She Tried To Slow Him Down And Lighten The Atmosphere Why Her Voice Was Soft, Trying To Soothe Him I M Not Going Anywhere His Eyes Lifted From Her Buttons And Tangled With Hers No You Can Bet Your Ass You Re Not Going Anywhere His Voice Dripped Ruthless PossessionHer Pulse Went Spinning As He Unhooked Her Bra And Pushed It Out Of His Way He Pulled Her Over To The King Sized Bed, And Unhooked Her Skirt Step Out Of It Her Mind In A Daze At The Speed Of His Movements, She Stepped From Her Clothes And Moved Onto The Bed He Quickly Stripped And Pushed Her Legs Apart And Climbed On Top Of Her Her Heartbeat Going Wild, She Spoke In A Whisper Of Defiance Just For Two Years It Was A MistakeHis Nostrils Flared At Her Words And He Grabbed Her Wrists And Lifted Them Over Her Head Holding Her Captive, He Began To Push Into Her He Stretched Her Completely, Transferred Her Wrists To One Strong Hand, And Lifted Her Face To His With The Other When I M Good And Goddamn Ready And Not A Day Before

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