Walked Away From Her Boyfriend Michael When He Announced His Plans To Bring BDSM Into Their Bedroom Once Gone, She Found Herself Pregnant And Michael GoneAfter Delivery, She Lets A Couple Adopt Her Child And Then Contemplates What She Ll Do With Her Life A Handsome Man Walks Into Her Hospital Room With A Handful Of Cash, Telling Her It S Just The Start If She Ll Allow Him Access To The Milk She S Started To ProduceWhile She S Not Sure í read Ø His Milk Maid by Kelex è She Can Accept Doing Something So Taboo, Especially After She Turned Her Back On A Man For His Similar Wild Sexual Ideas, She Also Has Nowhere To Turn Once She Makes The Attempt, She S Stunned To Enjoy The Sensation And Soon Craves The Millionaire S Mouth On Her

Ó His Milk Maid Ó I was curious The concept is certainly titilating see what I did there , but is so poorly written There are errors and the writing is clunky and detached Definitely reads like stroke fiction for a guy Bought from kobo.

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