RomanceThis series was very clean and fun I love to these characters and enjoy the storyline It had a good pace and a wonderful direction The heartwarming story I enjoyed every bit of this series and would recommended to anyone.
Of all the books in this series, I loved this one the best Perhaps because this one incorporatesof the mysticism surrounding the portal and ties things up for us rather heartily in the end thank you for the happy ending I don t want to give anything away to other readers It is worth reading the other books before this one to truly enjoy some of the snarky comments and situations the characters find themselves in share in the insider s knowledge.
The Complete Boxed Of Nichole Van S House Of Oak Series All Four Full Length Novels In This Bestselling Series Time Is Not A River It Is A Vast Cosmic Sea Where Each Life Exists As Rippling Circles On Its Surface, Past And Future Being Eternally Present And Occasionally, One Expanding Ring Intertwines With That Of Another, Weaving The Lives Of Two People TogetherIntertwine In , Emme Wilde Can T Find The Right Guy Instead, She Obsesses Over The Portrait Of An Unknown Man ß House of Oak (House of Oak #1-4) º Download by ✓ Nichole Van In An Old Locket Granted, A Seriously Dreamy Guy With Delicious, Wind Swept Hair She Just Itches To Run Her Fingers Through Emme Travels To England, Determined To Uncover His History And Conquer The Strong Connection She Feels In , James Knight Has Given Up Finding The Right Woman But Then He Finds A Beautiful Mystery Woman, Dripping Wet And Half Dead, Beneath A Tree On His Estate Now If He Can Uncover Her History, Perhaps Adventure And Romance Will Find Him At Last Divine Georgiana Knight Born In The Nineteenth Century, But Now Living InDiscovers A Centuries Old Love Letter Written In Her Own Handwriting Should She Risk Giving Up Hot Showers And Return To The Past To Discover The Mysterious Stranger Who Inspired Will Inspire Her Passionate Letter In , Sebastian Carew Is Madly In Love With His Childhood Friend, Georgiana He Is Determined To Find Georgiana And Win Her Affections However, She Has Utterly Vanished Can He Divine The Truth Of Her Disappearance And Convince Her To Marry Him Before Time Runs Out Clandestine In , Marc Wilde Martial Artist And Actor Finds His Life A Mess Someone Knows About The Time Portal In The Cellar Of Duir Cottage And Is Threatening To Tell The World Unless Marc Pays Up So Yeah Life Not Going So Well In , Kit Ashton Has Problems Of Her Own Her Brother Has Disappeared Again , Leaving Kit Penniless And Forcing Her To Take Up Employment As A Lady S Companion Sigh Add In The Sudden Appearance Of A Wind Swept, Silver Tongued Rogue Who Makes Kit Want To Flirt, Flirt, Flirt It All Leaves Her One Misstep From Disaster Kit Is Determined To Find Her Brother And Return Home, All While Guarding Her Heart And Most Importantly Keeping Her Secrets Well Secret Refine In , Timothy, Viscount Linwood Handsome, Arrogant, Privileged Never Veers From The Refined Rules Of His World But Then Fate Intervenes And Draws Him To A Vivid Woman Who Makes Him Want Things He Can Never Have Can A Pompous Lord Change Enough To Find Redemption In , Jasmine Fleury Just Wants Her Happily Ever After If Only She Could Stop Losing People Instead Worse, She Finds Herself Babysitting A Haughty Nineteenth Century Lord Who Can T Even Shave Himself She Has No Interest In Playing Damsel In Shining Armor To His Knight In Distress But Fate Has Other Plans Explore Four Stories Of Love Which Transcend Time Itself Exceptional Ok This whole 4 book series is like insanely awesome I am so sad to finish I wish Mrs Van will write a sequel to this series Maybe the next generation portal keeper and a whole new set of characters with Mina and Timothy s daughter as the main character Just sayin is all You Must read The Whole Series You will absolutely positively love this series I m a new fan of Mrs Van ↠´ House of Oak (House of Oak #1-4) ↠´ I was intrigued by the premise of this collection After reading the first book, I wondered why there were anystories The story ended well.
I am so glad the author wrotestories I totally binge read the whole series in a weekend I love the mix between regency and modern days The characters are well written likable I will definitely look forbooks by this author I really enjoyed this series The books were a perfect blend of time travel, mystery and romance The characters were enjoyable and the humor was great I couldn t imagine liking each successive book as much as the first but they did not disappoint Each was enough different to keep me fully engaged I will look forbooks by this author House of OakNichole Van is a wonderful author that I have read House of Oak series From 2012 to 1812, 2013 to 1813, 2014 to 1814 and 2015 to 1815 All going backward and forward in time and finding their true loves Finally realizing that Jasmine was the true portal s keeper.
The mark of a good story is if it is worth reading again I have just finished reading this wonderfully inventive forward and back time travel series for the third time My alter ego has reviewed all these books on .

This was a fun series The concept in each book was always the same, but the characters and situations changed up enough that it didn t feel like the same thing over and over Book one had my favorite hero Book two was sweet and had the reunited childhood friends plot that I always enjoy The third book was my favorite because I was honestly surprised at the direction the plot took And book four was refreshing because the hero was different from all the others, a lotdifficult to like, but his change of heart was gradual enough that I could buy into it.
Content Clean with some very mild swearing.
Seriously one of favorite book series of all time third to Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables It is a light hearted and charming read At first I was a little put off at the mix of modern language with the regency era, but I loved the mystical fantasy combined with the traditional regency romance The characters are delightfully quirky This is a serious I find myself coming back to over and over again.

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