Five luminous stars This is a bold book of reckoning Kudos to Ibram Kendi for having the testicular fortitude to bring new ideas to the marketplace Although antiracism isn t necessarily a brand new idea, Kendi has placed his indelible stamp on it and will now be forever linked to it with this very important book One of the things that impress, and is helpful in discussion and debate are clear definitions As he did in his previous work, Stamped From The Beginning he is laborious about exactly defining the terms he uses Readers will appreciate this as it helps to flush out clarity And I would add, arms one against the attacks that are surely coming from all angles I distinctly remember the debate around Afrocentricity and all the myriad ways that people defined it The hijacking was possible because Molefi Asante possibly didn t go deep enough in his definition of Afrocentrici I want all of America to do a big book club with this book There s so much here and I want to write a full review of this books brilliance Kendi s straightforward definitions, his use of memoir and history What surprised me the most is I wasn t sure I agreed with everything he said, especially the powerless defense and the chapter on racism against Whites I loved this book will try to write a coherent review What I have to say now is PREORDER THIS.
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X Kendi S Concept Of Antiracism Reenergizes And Reshapes The Conversation About Racial Justice In America But Even Fundamentally, Points Us Toward Liberating New Ways Of Thinking About Ourselves And Each Other In How To Be An Antiracist, Kendi Asks Us To Think About What An Antiracist Society Might Look Like, And How We Can Play An Active Role In Building It In This Book, Kendi Weaves Together An Electrifying Combination Of Ethics, É read õ How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X.
Kendi ✓ History, Law, And Science, Bringing It All Together With An Engaging Personal Narrative Of His Own Awakening To Antiracism How to Be an Antiracist Is An Essential Work For Anyone Who Wants To Go Beyond An Awareness Of Racism To The Next Step Contributing To The Formation Of A Truly Just And Equitable Society I ve a longstanding interest in Malcolm X There were many aspects of his character that fascinate me One is the transformation he made in the final year of his life his second awakening, the birth of el Hajj Malik el Shabazz In these days, el Shabazz embraced the idea that there were other factors that went into making one a devil, not merely one s ethnicity His overnight change of heart opened up considerable possibilities, a movement with a unified front I always wondered where el Shabazz would ve taken us had he been given the chance I imagine he d have taught us a few things, even if most of us would ve been unwilling to listen.
It may be presumptuous of me to make such a comparison, but I see a lot of el Shabazz in Ibram X Kendi Kendi is a brilliant, open m How many times is Dr Kendi going to write a book that changes my life So far, he s done it twice This book has the potential to change the world I am not exaggerating.
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Okay, I worry about the ratings this book will get and whether or not they are truly honest North Americans have an extremely bad habit of being so far left that any criticism of commentary on sexism, racism, homophobia, etc means you re a racist misogynist homophobe etc I notice this book has straight 5 star reviews on Goodreads, many without commentary Why What about this book makes it deserving of five stars Because the topic is important Yes, it is But was it executed in a manner deserving of five stars No, it wasn t I can anticipate the backlash I will get, already I can imagine the super Leftists raging about me being bothered by it insert whatever discriminatory stance they think I have, here I got this ARC from NetGalley, and I want to be honest with my review Part of that means not õ How to Be an Antiracist ✓ Quotes from unproofed arc I do not use microagressions any I detest the post racial platform that supported its sudden popularity I detest its component parts micro and aggression A persistent daily low hum of racist abuse is not minor I use the term abuse because aggression is not as exacting a term Abuse accurately describes the action and its effects on people distress, anger, worry, depression, anxiety, pain, fatigue, and suicide.
What other people call racial microaggressions I call racist abuse And I call the zero tolerance policies preventing and punishing these abusers what they are antiracist Only racists shy away from the R word racism is steeped in denial 47 Assimilationists believe in the post racial myth that talking about race constitutes racism, or that if we stop identifying by race, then racism will miraculously go away They fail to realiz Privileged to receive an advance reader s edition A fantastic, challenging, yet hopeful book nothing short of mind altering Please read this and tell everyone you know to do the same.

So great What an amazing human Kendi is His ability to reflect on his own racist actions and thoughts is profound I love his approach and think his insights are fantastic The use of memoir with the definitions of types of racism and antiracism are really smart I really enjoyed this book, though if you ve read Stamped from the Beginning his previous book you may find this one redundant or slightly elementary If you haven t attempted Stamped because it s intimidating this might be a better place to start.
Disclaimer I received an ARC via Netgalley Shortly after I finished this book, I put a quote from it up on the board in my classroom At one point, Kendi argues that white supremacy is also anti white and a form of genocide on whites This is in addition to the attacks on non whites The interesting thing is that the black students I use black because not all of the students are American citizens were all nodding their heads, and the while students were all WTF But that idea of challenge of re defining, defining, and expanding terms is, in part, the point of this excellent book Kendi contends that not racist isn t the term we should be using, that it is a true neutral a phrase, too defensive and lets people who say it of

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