Extraordinarily elegant and humaneAnne Holm s I am David is an wonderful achievement mixing beautiful humanity and acute perceptiveness of humans soul, both good and bad, with the harsh reality of the world The book is seen through David s eyes, a boy who has escaped a concentration camp he was bought up in and is now adapting and learning about the real world David s young age is in sharp contrast to his world view and experience a detail Holm continuously reminds us through adults observations of him most particularly of his eyes, which represent the window to the soul.
The language is beautifully sparse and simple but somehow manages to convey an enormous amount of human emotion from pain and suffering to sheer joy I loved the passage where David Finally A superb book landed in my hands I was completely mesmerized and utterly clinging to the story s journey, especially on the last 10 pages I tell ya, David would be a great poster boy for integrity I loved his character development Too good to be true as he may be, the walk of his life was a message of love, life, and prospect Brilliant I agree with The Horn Book, read it, read it Be warned though, brace your heart My quote ables I don t know anything How can I stay free when I don t know what everybody else knows I don t even know what s good to eat and what s poisonous pg 38 In the camp, thinking would have made life unbearable, but when you were free, it was necessary pg 54 God of the green pastures and the still waters, I am David and I choose You as my God But You must please understand that I can t do anything for You, because I ve always been in a wicked place where n S Entire Twelve Year Life Has Been Spent In A Grisly Prison Camp In Eastern Europe He Knows Nothing Of The Outside World But When He Is Given The Chance To Escape, He Seizes It With His Vengeful Enemies Hot On His Heels, David Struggles To Cope In This Strange New World, Where His Only Resources Are A Compass, A Few Crusts Of Bread, His Two Aching Feet, And Some Vague Advice To Seek Refuge In Denmark Is That Enough To Survive David S Extraordinary Odyssey Is [ Pdf David ¶ climate-change PDF ] by Anne Holm ¶ Dramatically Chronicled In Anne Holm S Classic About The Meaning Of Freedom And The Power Of Hope A young boy escapes from a concentration camp somewhere in eastern Europe and walks and hitchhikes his way to Denmark He s lived his whole life in camp so he doesn t know anything about the outside world, doesn t even know about money or how to eat properly at a table he prays to a god of rivers and streams and is afraid of being caught by them He s totally clueless, yet manages to survive this whole long journey, despite getting captured again And then a bizarre coincidence at the end leads him to his family, whom he never knew It s a weird fable like story I didn t really enjoy it because I thought the character was unrealistic, and I would have preferred real place names and historic facts or situations, not the vague stuff here I compare it to The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, which is far better and leavesof an emotional impact.
Û David ¸ David, a 12 year old, raised in a prison camp, is allowed to escape with instructions to go north to freedom From the drab, depressing surroundings of the prison camp to the wide world of freedoms, colors, smells, scenery, being clean, and being honest, David cautiously learns about the world around him This book is a learning adventure at becoming true to one s self At an early age, this book had a profound effect on my life, David made me stop and appreciate the little things that are such common conveniences in life At one point in the book, a boy beats up David, but David doesn t fight back Angrily, the boy asked why he didn t fight back and David said, Because if I hit you back, I d be no better than you are I d be just as rotten and worthless, and I d have no right to be free It s a lesson all of us can incorporate in our lives This is always the fir I Am David is a great book to read It is a story about a little boy who has been in a concentration camp his whole life David had one friend there named Johannes Johannes helps him to learn stuff he needs David loved Johannes alot but in camp if you were very smart you would be put to death When David is offered a chance to escape he takes it David struggles with the outer world, David wants to learn about the outer world but he is scared to talk to people David has never talked or played with kids, when he is given a chance he doesn t realy want to but when he reilizezs that kids are not so bad he like them exept Carlo David decides he needs a God but he doesn t know what one to choose Johannes told David about his God the God of green pastures and the still waters David belives that this God would be the one for him The God of green pastures and still waters has helped I first read this book as s teen, and was deeply moved by it Rereading it as an adult, it becomes clear both how deeply damaged this young boy is by his experience, and how important his faith becomes for him I always cry when I read this book If you have not read it, some things to be aware of David is an admirable character, but he s not entirely likeable Nor should he be, given his experiences.
The concentration camp is a Stalinist one This is why David is so clear that only books written before 1917 may contain the truth But the dehumanizing effect of the camp is the same regardless of the political system.
It takes, I think, a special child to really appreciate this book It may seem too quiet, introverted and understated for modern tastes But those who do love it, love it deeply An example I suggested it to a mom for her son, who was about 12 she The book I read was actually entitled, North to Freedom with a copyright date of 1963, but it was the same book I enjoyed this book very much It is not an action story it is a psychological story don t look for plot This is all about character.
Because David grew up in a concentration camp, he knew little socially or culturally of the outside world, but because of conditions in the camp, he had had the opportunity to learn several different languages and had been taught manners and a degree of faith by a good and gentle man who had taken him under wing Told in the first person, it was interesting to see how the style of the narrative developed as David learned about the outside world There is also a strong undercurrent of faith that was very satisfying David s integrity was heart rending My only criticism is I wish that there had been an after

I loved this book when I was a kid When I reread it a while back as an adult, I found it less believable, but still a very good story.
I had first seen this movie and had a feeling the book would be great also Although the plots differedthan I thought they would, I thoroughly enjoyed both the movie and the book In the book, I liked how you getinsight into David s thoughts He is a remarkable boy, to say the least.
It is a young adult novel and I think the author took some liberties with the plot that adults won t buy I liked the way they fixed that in the movie All in all, I would highly recommend both the book and the movie.

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