Hirsi Ali Is One Of Today S Most Admired And Controversial Political Figures She Burst Into International Headlines Following The Murder Of Theo Van Gogh By An Islamist Who Threatened She Would Be Next An International Bestseller, Her Life Story Infidel Shows The Coming Of Age Of This Elegant, Distinguished And Sometimes Reviled Political Superstar And Champion Of Free Speech Ultimately A Celebration Of Triumph Over Adversity, Hirsi Ali S Story Tells How A Bright, Curious, Download Epub Format ✓ Infidel PDF by ✓ Ayaan Hirsi Ali Dutiful Little Girl Evolves Into A Pioneering Freedom Fighter As Western Governments Struggle To Balance Democratic Ideals With Religious Pressures, No Other Book Could Be Timely, Or Significant ¹ Infidel ¹ In the current climate it has become difficult to speak about Islam for fear of either breaking the law or causing unintended offence As a result one s questions are unasked and one s genuine concerns are not expressed The story of this book both answers many of those questions and shares those concerns And both are shocking The deep differences in culture render Islam fundamentally at odds with Western society not to say incompatible.
Parallel communities are clearly not the answer I was shocked to see the intolerance bred by the policy of multiculturism.
The book itself is a gripping account of the inherent and seemingly unavoidable conflict between Islam and Western culture played out in the life of one brave woman.
This is the story of one of the most remarkable women of our times Ayaan Hirsi Ali was destined to go the way of so many others in her situation, severely restricted as a woman in a male dominated environment Escaping from an arranged marriage and finding sanctuary in Holland, it took tremendous character, resolve and independent mindedness to question the beliefs she had been brought up with and eventually to be openly critical of them To become an elected politician in a foreign country with a foreign language and to be so outspoken, as we read in her book, takes tremendous determination and courage, and I recommend that people look her up on Youtube etc, where she comes across as honest and sensible and a major contributor to debates on Islam She puts to shame a great many politicians and people in the mainstream media, including those who forced her to find further sanctuary in Wow what a read I haven t read something so powerful in a long time Ayaan s personal story regularly made me feel blessed to live in such a tolerant society It is a remarkable story Her political journey is so interesting because she raises questions that liberals in the west are scared to address for fear of offending minorities and in turn plays into the hands of anti Islamists when they don t tune into the finer nuances of what she is saying and simply use it to be anti Muslim She left me feeling that education that teaches people to question has to be a big part of the answer I recommend this book highly because it does just that.
A fantastic read We read it for my Book Club and it gave us a night of great discussion It is frightening though and it makes you aware of changing times and how we need to be careful that in our effort to be kind to people who are less fortunate than ourselves we don t hand over our own culture and freedom to people who have no regard for them I m not sure that I agree with the author regarding everything but as I said it made for great discussion.
If I can achieve only one thing from writing the many reviews that have appeared on the website, it is to inspire people throughout the world, both Muslim and non Muslim, to read this book.
A unique convergence of factors has brought about this supremely compelling and honest account of the truth about Islam the author s father, a passionate Muslim and born leader the author s mother, an oppressed, abandoned and violently angry woman whose own potential is obliterated by the world into which she was born the author s home nation, a Somalia steeped in blind cultural Islam and destroyed by dictatorship and tribal infighting the chance circumstance that led the author temporarily to Europe and ultimately freedom and the author herself, one of a minority of oppressed and indoctrinated people capable of rising above her culture and

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