Absorbing history of Prussia as a political entity in itself and in the world Very helpful in putting in context anything you might think of from Frederick the Great to Bismarck to WW1 and 2 As with his views on the origins of WW1 and the life of Wilhelm II, Clark gives a view that is not the usual black and white that one is fed by other English language sources, but can sometimes even reverse those colours certainly portray them in a nuanced way that seems hard to controvert One thing seems reasonably probable even the reunification of Germany will not bring back Prussia, but its legacy remains in many ways.
Of The Wolfson History Prize, Christopher Clark S Iron Kingdom The Rise And Downfall Of Prussia Is A Compelling Account Of A Country That Played A Pivotal Role In Europe S Fortunes And Fundamentally Shaped Our World Prussia Began As A Medieval Backwater, But Transformed Itself Into A Major European Power And The Force Behind The Creation Of The German Empire, Until It Was Finally Abolished By The Allies After The Second World War With Great à Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia, 1600-1947 Å Download by ↠´ Christopher Clark Flair And Authority, Christopher Clark Describes Prussia S Great Battles, Dynastic Marriages And Astonishing Reversals Of Fortune, Its Brilliant And Charismatic Leaders From The Hohenzollerns Of Brandenburg To Bismarck And Frederick The Great, The Military Machine And The Progressive, Enlightened Values On Which It Was Built Fascinating Masterly Littered With Intriguing Detail And Wry Observation Richard Overy, Daily Telegraph A Terrific Book The Definitive History Of This Much Maligned State Daily Telegraph books Of The Year You Couldn T Have The Triumph And The Tragedy Of Prussia Better Told Observer A Magisterial History Of Europe S Only Extinct Power Financial Times Exemplary An Illuminating, Profoundly Satisfying Work Of History The New York Times Christopher Clark Is A Lecturer In Modern European History At St Catharine S College, University Of Cambridge He Is Also The Author OfKaiser Wilhelm II A Life In Power This reads like the very dry history A Level books I had to wade through in the 80s.
There s no attempt to bring the period to life or give a feel to the characters of the electors and kings.
↠´ Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia, 1600-1947 å Excellent detailed readingloved it.
I enjoyed the scholarly depth in this book You ve really got to be into your European history to really enjoy itif you are you will love it Team it with Alexandra Richie s History of Berlin for a total experiencebut put aside a fortnight or to read them both This account is full of detail, which means you need to read carefully and, if you are like me, repeat some passages This may mean that it takes a long time to complete the book, but don t let that put you off If you just want to scratch the surface so you can bluff your way around, this is not the right book for you Buy it if history interests you and you really want to know how it all happened.
This is a scholarly history of Prussia and the foundation of modern Germany up to the end of WW2 It is immensely detailed, but very readable Kept me out of mischief for a couple of weeks Recommended.

This is a thorough and scholarly examination of Prussia, its rise, its politics, its society At times narrative, at times thematic this is not an easy book for the casual reader But for anyone with an interest in German or European history this book is a must.
I am not a historian and have no issues about Prussia Prussianess etc but one of the joys of being retired is filling up gaps in my knowledge I learnt about the Great Elector and other Fredericks at school and then there was Germany This book is very comprehensive, full of outstanding detail on all aspects of Prussian life thought anti Semitism the geography of Prussian mixed populations agriculture etc and beautifully written Not to be read fast as much to think about.

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