Sometimes I get this breathless feeling that the war is a living creature, something huge, with a pointed tongue and wicked claws When the tanks rumble past in the far fields, I feel it breathe when the air strikes start and the blood flows, I feel it lick its lips Island of a Thousand Mirrors is an intense and vivid portrait of a piece of Sri Lankan history that I was relatively unfamiliar with before reading this A remarkable debut by Nayomi Munaweera, this novel is beautifully written, juxtaposing the stunning landscape of this island country with its ravaging horrors of a civil war The imagery is remarkable As a reader, I could easily envision the bright colors, the sounds and the mouth watering market smells of the island I was then jolted into the shocking scenes of brutality and often graphic violence of the war The story is narrated by two daughters, Yasodhara the Sinhalese and This is a moving saga of two families caught up in the civil war in Sri Lanka between the largely Buddhist Sinhalese majority and the largely Muslim Tamil minority It is beautifully written, full of lyrical portrayals of daily life amid the beauty of the land and sea and flora and fauna of this island nation The sensuous world of food, colorful clothes, and family traditions of fishing and commerce as painted by two girls growing up in loving families gives way to the fears wrought by smoldering prejudices between peoples exploding into pervasive violence A doomed teen love relationship between the cultures is poignantly portrayed Tamil children are tragically taken up into guerilla training A girl in the Tamil family is raped and gets radicalized enough to join and fight with the insurgent Tamil Tigers The Sinhalese family takes the opportunity to emigrate to Cali

Some books, just by the nature of the subject and content are so incredibly hard to read This was one such book Portraying two families, caught up in the violence of Sri Lanka, one family leaves and goes to the United States, one family stays in what they consider their home.
Did not know very much about this subject before I started reading this book, but now know muchThat doesn t mean I understand it, I don t think I will ever understand how one group of people can decide they are better than another, but it just keeps happening The first part of the book is used to acquaint the reader with the beginning tensions in the country and to let the reader forge a personal relationship with some of the characters The bewildermen I knew pretty much nothing about the civil war in Sri Lanka before I read this novel About half way through, I stopped reading to learnso I could better understand this story I learned that this war lasted over 25 years from 1983 2009 and that 80,000 100,000 people were killed What those articles didn t tell is the story of how this war impacted the people s lives This book, however, beautifully tells the heart wrenching story of what the Sri Lankan people endured during this civil war.
It s about the people from both sides of that struggle and how it took their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and scarred their lives forever It really is mind boggling that this small volume holds so much Yes, it is mainly about the war but it is about the culture, about marriages arranged marriages and love marriages, about the caste system and prejudices over It is always hard for me to read a book that talks about immigration Living in a world of literature where the subject of immi emi and every sort of integration has been talked about so much, I am always a little weary of picking up a book which yet again comes back to the same American South Asian dichotomy Moreover, when a writer who has never really been to the home country chooses to write authentically about it, it usually ends up in being a parade of exoticized and over used situations of nostalgia read Jhumpa Lahiri s latest to know what I am talking about So, I had met Island of a Thousand Mirrors a number of times at various bookstores, somehow or the other the book snaking its way into my hands but I consciously had kept it back telling myself I have read similar books.
However, it must be like those I try to explain There are no martyrs here It is a war between equally corrupt forces.
This is Sri Lanka during the Civil War 1983 2009 , but it could have been many countries, and the Tamils and Sinhalese could have been numerous ethnic groups This is a story as old as time, because we ve always been fighting each other, haven t we Young boys have always perished for causes they barely understand women have always been taken and broken In my arrogance I expected less from this pastel colored debut, and I was proven wonderfully wrong There s nothing fluffy about this novel it s brutal, beautiful and deeply affecting There s the heartbreak of first love lost, infidelity, marriage breakdown, miscarriage, terrorism, refugee isolation, and war, so much war There s an undercurren Î Island of a Thousand Mirrors Ì The adjectives brutal and beautiful aren t normally used together, but they describe this book Like others, I had no idea that Sri Lanka experienced a 25 year long civil war, killing over 80,000 people This book chronicles that war on the lives of two families It begins in the island before the war, with lovely descriptions of the people and their customs, their food, and the natural world that surrounded them It ends with the loss of not only families, but an entire way of life Yes, the beauty makes the brutality so much worse One of those books that is hard to read in parts I will never understand why people continue to hate each other so much.
A powerful story told in a lyrical manner.
Have read a couple of Sri Lankan authors before, and being from South India, With Sri Lanka close by, could not escape knowing about the civil war that has been ripping apart the country This is the first time I am reading the cultural and political history written in a simple and lucid manner I don t know who is in the right, who is in the wrong Often, it is both parties both ways But I do know that any civil war affects utmost the common person who is least interested in strife Leaving aside the political aspect, this story let me peek into the cultural and religious facets of ordinary Sri Lankan life I enjoyed the peek, but abhorred the violence and bloodshed This book narrates the lives of Singhalese as well as Tamilian families who were sacrificed in the wake of the civil war The strong female characters Island of a Thousand Mirrors Follows The Fate Of Two Families, One Tamil, One Sinhala As They Straddle Opposite Sides Of The Long And Brutal Sri Lankan Civil War Narrated By The Eldest Daughter Of Each Family, The Story Explores How Each Woman Negotiates War, Migration, Love, Exile, And Belonging At Its Root, It S A Story Of A Fragmented Nation Struggling To Find Its Way To A New Ü Island of a Thousand Mirrors ☆ Download by ¹ Nayomi Munaweera Beginning Powerful, mesmerizing, searing these are words that come to mind having just put down this novel by first time author Nayomi Munaweera, which I received from Goodreads So glad I did, or else I might not ordinarily have come across it, which would definitely have been my loss An amazingly written masterpiece, the rhythm of the book eerily matches the drumbeat of Sri Lanka s civil war, which devastated the island nation from 1983 2009 pitting Sinhalese against Tamils and taking the lives ofthan 80,000 men, women and children The novel traces the lives of two young women and their families Yasodhara, a Sinhalese and Saraswathie, a Tamil Their lives play out very differently and culminate as paths collide in

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