One of the finest books i have read on era of Last Mughals This book is not about princes and kings only, it also throws light on the conditions of court dancers, Pindaris, urban centres of North India, astrologers, Urdu culture, food habits and many things Overall, it also shows that how Hindu and Muslims were, after almost five hundred years of animosity, came to respect and recognize each other which later on was broken by Britishers with a grand design.
it is a top class novel

One of the best books I have ever read in Urdu What a great research work and what a character Ms Wazir Begum was Beautiful language Absolutely Riveting.
top class novel ç کئی چاند تھے سر آسماں º want to read novil good book nn Is The Sunset Of The Mughal Empire The Splendor Of Imperial Delhi Flares One Last Time The Young Daughter Of A Craftsman In The City Elopes With An Officer Of The East India Company And So We Are Drawn Into The Story Of Wazir Khanam A Dazzlingly Beautiful And Fiercely Independent Woman Who Takes A Series Of Lovers, Including A Navab And A Mughal Prince And Whom History Remembers As The Mother Of The Famous Poet Dagh But It Is Not Just One Life That ¹ کئی چاند تھے سر آسماں Ã Download by Ä Shamsur Rahman Faruqi This Novel Sets Out To Capture It Paints In Rapturous Detail An Entire CivilizationBeginning With The Story Of An Enigmatic And Gifted Painter In A Village Near Kishangarh, The Mirror Of Beauty Embarks On An Epic Journey That Sweeps Through The Death Giving Deserts Of Rajputana, The Verdant Valley Of Kashmir And The Glorious Cosmopolis Of Delhi, The Craft Of Miniature Painting And The Art Of Carpet Designing, Scintillating Musical Performances And Recurring Paintings Of Mysterious, Alluring Women Its Scope Breathtaking, Its Language Beguiling, And Its Style Sumptuous, This Is A Work Of Profound Beauty, Depth And Power Less

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