I read this while in the process of weaning my baby, which made some of the poems even hard hitting It has been a long time since I ve read a collection of poems, and I loved how much meaning was packed into so few words but also how much room was still left for me to fill in my own perspective I read this all in one sitting and I will definitely go back for a closer reading in the future.
These poems were beautiful, delicate and thought provoking.
books, Lait Maternel Author Rachel Hunt Steenblik This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Lait Maternel , Essay By Rachel Hunt Steenblik Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For [ Pdf Lait Maternel Þ womens-studies PDF ] by Rachel Hunt Steenblik Þ You The belief in a feminine divine has long been one of my deepest spiritual hopes If a Father in Heaven, then certainly a Mother too I can only believe in one if I can hope for both This collections of poems about the feminine divine was written shortly after Rachel Hung Steenblik gave birth, which means it draws heavy inspiration from the roles of child bearing and nursing as sources of closeness to Heavenly Mother As my life has not included child bearing, my closeness to Her isn t based on those experiences But like Steenblik says in the introduction, These are the poems that I could write with my questions, my hurt, my hope, and my reaching Others could write other poems with theirs I hope that they will We need them all I agree We need them all images of and yearnings for Heavenly Mother as diverse as Her daughters Mirr Rachel Hunt Steenblik has stepped into a great Mormon spiritual theological gap and filled it with a gentle, yet thunderous, sound The tiny poems of Mother s Milk reach into the cosmos to deliver a message about the nature of our spiritual developmental origins as children of a Heavenly Mother These poems occupy a distinguished place as a uniquely Mormon book of wisdom literature, and as such they map a path for our spiritual seeking that contains the guiding hope of one day healing the wounds of her absence.
The daughter seeks the Mother through childhood games, just as the child seeks the earthly mother Peek a Boo, Marco Polo Rachel casts the daughters and sons of Mormonism as the Lost Boys and Girls, wishing to see their Mother again, remembering Her to read the rest of this review, please go to the Exponent Blog here I have a lot of mixed feelings and confused thoughts about the Mormon doctrine of Heavenly Mother Part of me likes the idea of a divine feminine Part of me dislikes the reinscription of heterosexuality It s all well worn As such, I didn t relate to some of these poems, but some of them sucker punched my heart I was definitely crying in the car over this book before work this morning.
↠´ Lait Maternel ☆ These poems, though tiny, are powerful, amplifying the voices of so many women, named and unnamed, who remind me that I am not alone This synthesis of theology about Heavenly Mother and yearnings to know about her is the book I have spent time in my closet crying for, when I asked in prayer, Where is my Mother

A beautiful, difficult read for me.
This collection of poems is meditative, piercing, poignant, wonderful, lovely I love poetry for its ability to say so much with so little to act as a springboard or starting point for introspection and exploring one s own feelings This book of poems in search of Heavenly Mother does just that with the merest of suggestions and musings, coming from Rachel s experiences and stories, and those of others around her The reframing of familiar scriptural language, the imagery of mothers and mothering, and the patterns in nature and the natural world all of these things are subtle but remarkable evidences of a Mother in heaven I loved the Notes section at the end as suggested further reading, and representing the diversity of Rachel s inspirations familiar children s books, well known Bible verses, comments from friends, published works from se There were several of these very short poems I really enjoyed, themes and ideas that very much resonated with me However I think mothers of young children infants and toddlers will relate to this book much than I did I became a mother when my kids were 6 and 8, and adopted my own mother figures when I was in my twenties I am not and will not be a biological mother, and have zero relationship with my own biological mother Am I an outlier, yes But am I completely unique in my other mothering No Other mothering relationships aren t really shown here, but there are many poems about mothering very small children, and how that relationship is so similar to a Divine Feminine nurturing and mothering us.

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