Brown has a way of simply but clearly laying out the basic tenets of liberation theology in way that is readable and applicable While I can t say I learned anything new, I appreciated Brown s stories and associations with leading liberation theology figures In his last chapter written in 1992 after the riots in LA following the Rodney King verdict, he asks if we are in a KAIROS moment The description he gives of 1992 North America is chillingly similar to 2015 He causes me to ask, if we missed the Kairos moment of 1992, are we in yet another such moment Any church can talk about God, but good churches talk about talking about God That is, most simply, what theology is being very careful about talking or reasoning about God We all approach faith with our particular perspectives, but there are many different intentional ways of being careful about talking about God, many different methods of theology For the method of Liberation Theology, I have never seen a better introduction than Brown s Liberation Theology An Introductory Guide It is easy to read but very precise, emotional but not saccharine, Biblical and systematically theological, political yet practical, realistic yet hopeful Its description, history, and analysis of the liberation movement are spot on I started this book fairly suspicious, but it was truly a great read The best aspect of Brown s writing, to me, was his authenticity and honesty about what this book is and what it isn t read as an assignment for school, but very much enjoyed this one.
Loved it Very good overview All of the themes still resonate 25 years later.
Robert McAfee Brown is the preacher, and I am the choir I don t need to be sold on the virtues of Liberation Theology So it drove me crazy how consistently Brown bypassed every single opportunity to make an interesting or provocative point He sidesteps a proper Marxist analysis of the movement in Latin America entirely, and instead engages in the very worst sort of white guilt identity politics Remember Robert, there is neither Jew nor Greek This is seasoned with Reagan bashing brave and tepid critiques of the excesses of capitalism Mabye I was expecting ology out of Liberation Theology, because I think Brown s stubborn insistence that to be grass roots instead of top down, we must begin with the people and work up to ideas totally ruined it for me His vague exhortations that we mustn t just talk about this we must do something are completely wrong headed The very strength

When reading this book I found the general outline of every chapter to be relatively the same Brown tells a cute story of how a Christian overcame the dominant culture to show love, then this is why we need Liberation theology, and then basically says, Let s all be socialists for Jesus The book is, in my humble opinion, poorly written, though simplistic, it doesn t convey well what the principles of Liberation Theology are as played out in a society ran by this doctrine, and it rarely provides greater than anecdotal evidence to the claims I think in general Liberation Theology is a very important development, but overall it s no greater than any other Christian denomination They all pick and choose what they hold as sacred ô Liberation Theology: An Introductory Guide » This is a short introduction to a tremendously controversial topic Most people have never heard of liberation theology although it did make a guest appearance on Glenn Beck s chalkboard over the summer I have been meaning to do a bit of reading on the topic, and the combination of Lent, fighting in Israel, and yet another US war finally pushed into picking up this book The author writes mainly about Central America, and uses the examples of El Salvador and Nicaragua to highlight the basic tenets of liberation theology Having some familiarity already with the movement s basic premises, I found this to be a highly readable and thought provoking introduction to the topic I can see why the managers in the Roman Catholic Church, the Reagan Administration, and the powers and principalities of global capitalism didn t and don t like this stuff at all Some very cha I picked this up fairly randomly in the library of a monastic retreat center I didn t know anything about Liberation Theology, but I m a definite social justice advocate activist, so I was very interested and glad I read it I don t think it would be a very convincing read, however, for someone hardline conservative or skeptical he throws out some scriptural references but doesn t do any real exegesis He seems to assume you re on the same page and just need a fire lit under your butt to actually DO something He does give some very good points about 1st world vs 3rd world politics, but then kind of undermines himself by making some overly pointed political jabs I wish he would have delved appropriately into the criticisms of Liberation Theology, as there are many which I had to investigate on my own after reading this , instead of just acting This short book was a simple introduction to the concepts and applications of liberation theology I ve wanted to know about these ideas, especially since I d heard negative things about LT from people I tend to disagree with on such issues.
Brown does a good job of simply and biblically explaining the characteristics of people living under LT, what they see themselves as freed from and moving to, and the benefits and characteristics of base communities There are definitely some thought provoking ideas here It s worth reading.
A Manner That Is Vivid And Lively, Robert McAfee Brown Explains And Illuminates Liberation Theology For North American Readers Who May Have No Previous Knowledge Of This Dynamic Christian Movement Growing Out Of The Experience Of Oppressed People In Latin America, Liberation Theology Lends A Transforming Power To Both The Study Of The Bible And The Christian Duty To Work For Justice For All God S People With Heartwarming, Terrifying, And Humorous Stories, Brown Shows The Strength And Significance Of One Of The Outstanding Developments In Religious [ read Online Liberation Theology: An Introductory Guide ½ childrens PDF ] by Robert McAfee Brown ½ Faith Today And For The Future

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