Biography Provides A New Interpretation Of The Life And Achievements Of Madame De Pompadour , The Favourite Mistress Of Louis XV The Book Describes How Madame De Pompadour Entertained The King With Cultural Activities That Ranged From Amateur Theatricals To Architecture She Protected Writers And Painters, Supported The Development Of Sevres Porcelain And Could Not Resist Entering The Power Game Her Attempt To Control The Seven Years War Was A Failure, But She Was [ read Online Madame de Pompadour: Sex, Culture, and Power ✓ judaism PDF ] by Margaret Crosland Ý Largely Responsible For Enterprises Such As The Ecole Militaire Even When The King Turned To Younger Women For Sex, She Was The Eminence Rose The Author Sets Out To Show How Madame De Pompadour S Life Reveals The Extent And Limitations Of Women S Power And Status In The Th Century Ê Madame de Pompadour: Sex, Culture, and Power Ê How you take the story of Madame de Pompadour and make it painfully milquetoast I don t even know but it s been accomplished with aplomb Poorly organized lots of jumping backward and forward in time cut in with sections that begin to broach interesting subjects that are abruptly snapped off with, buton this later like a bad television cliffhanger and given to promulgating easily debunked pieces of historical nonsense ie Athenais was not using witchcraft no one who spendsthan 12 minutes researching Athenais thinks she actually indulged in black magic come on, seriously and dourly written A book about sex and intrigue and power and intellectual romance in France that lacks all of the above Except for the Frenchness Loathe it Save

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