S Line Of Fantastic First Appearances Continues Assembled In One Volume Are Dozens Of Marvel S Finest Offerings, With An Extra Emphasis On Mutants And Monsters See For Yourself How Such S Stalwarts As Brother Voodoo, Deathlok, Iron Fist, Man Wolf, Howard The Duck And Began Their Merry March Through The Marvel Universe Also Included Are The First Appearances Of The All New, All Different X Men And WWII S Invaders COLLECTING TALES OF THE ZOMBIEA, B F STORIES VAMPIRE TALESA STORY ,D STORY SUPERNATURAL á Marvel Firsts ✓ Download by Ý Roy Thomas THRILLERSSTRANGE TALES ,A STORY MARVEL FEATUREJUNGLE ACTIONA STORY MARVEL SPOTLIGHTASTONISHING TALESA STORY ,DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FUB STORY MARVEL PREMIERECREATURES ON THE LOOSEA STORY HAUNT OF HORRORA STORY WAR IS HELLMONSTERS UNLEASHEDC STORY GIANT SIZE MAN THINGB STORY GIANT SIZE INVADERSGIANT SIZE X MEN ↠´ Marvel Firsts ↠´ A brilliant grab bag of 70 s Marvel comics With a bit of a slant toward Marvel s horror titles Great fun.

Nice and fun retrospective look at 1970s era of marvel A mix of both good, bad and mediocre comics but representative of what Marvel was at the time I enjoyed the emphasis on Horror comics, they were intriguing and had interesting ideas Some of them I definitely wouldn t mind seeing redone with amodern writing style.
Some of these comics are really incredible, such as Giant Size X Men 1 and the origin story for Iron Fist Overall, this collection is pretty good However, there are a few stinkers in here that would be better to skip.

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