Livres, Measure, topology, and fractal geometry Auteur Gerald A Edgar C Est Tr S Bien Et Devient Le Sujet Principal Lire, Les Lecteurs Sont Tr S Takjup Et S Inspirent Toujours Du Contenu Du Livre Measure, topology, and fractal geometry, Essai De Gerald A Edgar Est Maintenant Sur Notre Site Web Et Vous Pouvez Le T L Charger En Vous Inscrivant Qu Est Ce Que Tu Attends S Il Vous Pla T Lire Et Faire Une Remise Pour Download Epub Format ✓ Measure, topology, and fractal geometry PDF by º Gerald-A Edgar Vous Ç Measure, topology, and fractal geometry ✓ I liked this book because it provided me with a new perspective on metric spaces, in using them as a basis learning about fractals I think it serves as a nice book for an undergraduate to read and get enthused about studying fractals at a higher level.

This book could be used as a bridge between traditional books on topology analysis and the speciallized treatises on fractal geometry More a catalog of definitions, methods, and references than a course text, it covers the fundamental topological and measure theoretic concepts needed to understand the principles of some of the different dimension theories that exist But warning the book is far away of being a complete exposition on any of the subjects it includes.
Suitable for 3rd year undergrads Interesting examples and exercises Extensive bibliography.
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I bought the first edition of this in the early 90 sand was disappointed that it didn t have the Mandelbrot or other complex dynamicsin it Dr Edgar has updated the older book with Julias, multifractalsand Superfractals, but has stayed true to his topological measure theoryHausdorff space approach He never updates his Besicovitch Ursell Knopp functionsto 2d and 3d parametrics or the unit Mandelbrot cartoon method.
Some of his definitions are still so minimalthat duplicating the fractals needs much information The text is still the good place to begin, butit is a shame that Dr Edgar has not kept upwith many of the developments in the field Zipf and Per Bakare left out, but my double V L system made the index as a picture.

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