Pretty awesome story with a premise something like The Ambassadors if Strether were a callow college kid.
It took awhile for me to get interested in Mongo Beti s Mission to Kala But once I did, I enjoyed it First of all, there were the instances of what I can only call cultural sensibilities The story takes place in Cameroon And there are many examples that will make the Western reader realize they are dealing with another culture in another time like when a character in the story doesn t want to ask their female relative a tactless question, because she is older or when people gift each other with sheep and chickens or when the chief of the village acts as both judge and jury I can imagine that these might be annoying to some readers But for me they gave the story its wonderful flavor.
Next, there is the earnestness of the main ch Book, Mission Termine E Author Mongo Beti This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Mission Termine E, Essay By Mongo Beti Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For [ read Online Mission terminée õ manhwa PDF ] by Mongo Beti ✓ You A look inside the changing of Nigerian culture at a certain point in timeit was pretty good funny too but I m not so sure about the ending Some kind of symbolic meaning no doubt but all that sorta stuff usually goes right over my thick head lol Still, I liked the voice within this book love always love looking into the ways ideals of different cultures both past present tense.
its just a very interesting book as we get into the life Medza a young boy who has failed his exams We see this journey as a journey of self discovery for Medza He begins to view himself in a different light due to the respect he is shown in Kala It also reflects the difference between Western education and Village education It also n brings out strong characteristics of the colonia master If one has not rea d this life changing novel, one should start now Dear Jean Marie Medza,I have just finished reading your humorous memoir, Mission to Kala, about a moment of decision, a fork in the road of your life Although we often refer to these moments as points of decision, you have rightly expanded this point to illustrate the complexity of its architecture Setting off as an adventurer of sorts into the upcountry, you drag us along to a village where we can experience a cavalcade of lazy, drunken, piggish characters set against the backdrop of shadowy creatures who have no voices but who perform the important tasks of working the fields and making the meals and caring for the children Yes indeed, you set off to bring back the wayward wife of your kinsmen How you hate her how superior you feel yourself to this woman who dares to set out for freedom from an abusive, worthl æ Mission terminée ✓ it was breathtaking.
one of a kind and very captivating.
l loved it.
I can t believe Goodreads has Mongo Beti OMG An amazing comming of age story and rural life in Cameroon.

By far one of the best works I ve ever read in my life Reading Mongo Beti s novel taught me a lot about myself From the interpersonal relationships between men and women I learned a completely different view of Africa from Beti as well The novel takes place in Cameroon and is nothing like the traditional Nigerian literature you might have already read or are familiar with I recommend this novel to everyone it s funny, thought provoking and completely entertaining I m certain it will have as great a didactic affect on you as it has on me.
It was like an African Catcher in the Rye I actually wrote a mediocre paper exploring some of the similarities and I could detail some of them nowboth are written as a sort of reminiscence on the part of the speaker who feel sort of alienatedboth protagonists have clandestine appointments with women which don t end in any kind of illicit activityboth protagonists have failed their examsboth protagonist are a little cocky.
Really well written and quite enjoyable.

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