A good ending to the serie.
j ai largement aim ce second tome D tous les d fauts que j ai retrouv dans le premier ont t balay s Les personnages sont beaucoup plus approfondis, ils ont volu s par rapport au 1er L action commence d embl e vu que c est la suite direct et a n est pas pour me d plaire j ai beaucoup plus appr ci Elsa, Portia et Leo dans ce tome ci, bien s r Faraz reste mon pr f r 3 m me si on retrouve quelques similitudes avec le 1er tome labyrinthes , il m aura beaucoup plus transport avec les courses poursuites, les missions d infiltrations, etc.
Enfin bref a aura t une agr able surprise et je suis contente d avoir pers v rer comme quoi il ne faut pas rester sur une 1ere impression j esp re que l auteure crira d autres romans de fantasy ou de sf D I CAN T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK I need to know what happens to everyone In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea to read this book so soon

I liked it better than the 1st book since I already had an idea of the type of world we were in It still all felt a bit strange and like information was missingThere were also a ton of storylines that I felt like were left unfinished So I m not sure if there is going to be a 3rd book, but at the same time it seems like all the excitement is over so what would the 3rd book be about I also really love the cover of this book But I m still not loving this series.
This is a great, well written book We get to know the characters a bit and a few new characters are added I enjoyed this book very much.
I really loved this sequel to Ink, Iron, and Glass It was just a ton of fun with non stop action and adventure, and danger levels that kept the tension high throughout the story.
First off, the world building in this duology is really fun and unique I love the idea of the pazzerellones and the three different ways those magical talents work You have scriptologists who are able to write worlds in books and make them real, you have mechanists who are able to create wonderful devices, and alchemists who are able to make potions and such Then there are the rare folks who can do them all Not everyone has these talents and some people see them as a great resource while others view them as mad scientists who are a detriment to society Our group of pazzerellones li ↠´ Mist, Metal, and Ash (Ink, Iron and Glass, #2) Ì The first one was a lot better.
Collide In This Thrilling Sequel To The Epic, Imaginative, Acclaimed Fantasy Ink, Iron, And GlassIn An Alternate Th Century Italy, Elsa Has An Incredible Gift She Can Craft New Worlds With Precise Lines Of Script Written In books But Political Extremists Have Stolen The Most Dangerous Book Ever Scribed One That Can Rewrite The Earth Itself Now Elsa Must Track Down The Friend Who Betrayed Her And Recover The Book Before Its Destructive Power Is Unleashed Can She Handle The Secrets She Ll Uncover Along The Way ñ Mist, Metal, and Ash (Ink, Iron and Glass, #2) à Download by ñ Gwendolyn Clare Including The Ones Hiding In Her Own Heart I ve tried but I think I just need a little break and will come back later.
Graded By Mandy C.
Cover Story Pretty MessyBFF Charm MehSwoonworthy Scale 4Talky Talk Magic, But MissingBonus Factor Power of booksAnti Bonus Factor Bridge Book BluesRelationship Status You re Good That s Good.
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