Mooch, Aspiring Writer And Part Time Drunk Bruno Dante Is Finally Sober, And Has Become The Best Boiler Room Salesman In LA But Dan Fante S Anti Hero Can T Keep A Good Thing Going Leaping Headfirst Into An Impossibly Destructive Love Hate Relationship With The Addictive Ex Stripper Jimmi Valiente, Bruno Finds It S Not Long At All Before His World Begins To Spiral Out Of Control AgainWith Prose That Seeps With Brutal Aggression And Biting Wit, Fante Portrays The Unavoidable Self Destruction Of A ¾ Mooch ✓ Download by Û Dan Fante Man Whose Inner Demons Won T Allow Him To Live Within The Limitations Of Society At the end of Chump Change I wondered if Fante would be able to keep up the pace for 3semi autobiographical novels I also wondered whether I could keep up if in fact he did Now having read them in close succession I can say that he s kept it interesting without wearing me out Bruno Dante continues to be a serial juicer with a masochistic edge and a deep dislike of people With women, his relationships if they can be called that are cruel and dehumanizing, almost as bad as the jobs he takes to support his habits As a boiler room salesman, taxi driver, movie usher, window washer, limo driver and working in other terrible jobs Bruno is in one bad situation after another All the while he is trying to put his words on paper, scratching out poems in the cab or typing short stories in his motel room The stories were hard to read, but the prose was direct and approachabl Well written, but not my thing A frustrating read.
ead the STOP SMILING interview with author Dan FanteQA Dan FanteBy Anthony ReynoldsNovelist, playwright and poet Dan Fante is the second son of John Fante.
He is well regarded in Europe and his novels include Mooch, Chump Change and Spitting off Tall BuildingsStop Smiling As both a novelist and a screenwriter, what are the main similarities between the processes And what are the major differences Dan Fante I don t mean to be overly unkind here, but screenwriting is a process quite unlike legitimate prose Screenwriters are the errand boys for producers and directors The do what they are told to do Fix this Make her tits bigger Let s have her be a victim of incest That kind of nonsense Screenwriting is not writing It is a Brilliant and beautiful read that kept my fingers flipping the pages until the end The most honest thing I have read in a while The words were incredibly emotional and jarring and had me gripped from the beginning to the end It had the perfect balance or sadness, happiness, pain, suffering, hope and raunchiness that any brilliant piece should have It ended with a sad note that left me wondering what will come next I dear say that he writes just as brilliantly as his father did Similar to ask the dust in plot but with biting and punchy sentences akin to bukowski I can t wait to read another piece by Dan, another story with Bruno in it.
Wow A brilliant, passionate explosion of a novel It fizzes on every page We follow the fortunes of Bruno Dante, a recovering alcoholic and what happens when he meets the devastatingly beautiful and smart, but full of problems, Jimmi Valiente and many other fascinating characters I read this book 13 years ago and happened to jot down my thoughts on it The characters have stayed with me to this day but I d forgotten the title until I found my books I ve read notebook This novel is all sensational stuff in the best possible way The writing style and how Dan Fante draws the characters is to create real living, flawed yet relatable human beings As you can probably tell, I loved it Now thanks to goodreads, I ve discovered it s part of a Î Mooch Ú In my humble opinion this is Dan s best It takes you straight into the harrowing world of telemarketing and doesn t let you go A lean, spare master at the top of his form, not a wasted word in here.
More solid Buk ness from Dan Fante Enjoyable rolling around in the ashes stuff Bang on characterizations, and jaw droppingly good dialogue Entertaining angry man books Relishing the final two, to be read in the next few days.
MY Favorite Dan Fante book In a world filled with boring books and boring authors Dan Fante is a welcome relief Takes you inside the world of telemarketing and alcoholism The book is really about hustling and what people do each other A very American story The most important thing is Fante is never boring All the warts of human soul are illuminated in his writing Can t recommend this book any higher read all his books.
decentof the same quick read full of despair and other feelings.

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