Latest Edition Of The Classic Guide To Mountaineering Describes Fundamental Climbing Skills Discusses Rock, Snow, And Ice Climbing Techniques Recommends Clothing And Equipment Gives Advice On Safety And First Aid And Includes A New Section On Waterfall Ice And Mixed Climbing [The Mountaineers Club] ☆ Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills [coin-collecting PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Simultaneous When they say that this book is the bible of mountaineering, they sure aren t kidding This book is filled above the brim with all kinds of information concerning numerous aspects of the sport The detail is awesome, the illustrations are superb, and the whole thing is seriously well put together I think the best things about this book is the breadth of the topics it covers When I bought the book, I thought I was going to learn about mountaineering in great detail, and perhaps a little about camping and rock climbing In reality, this book tells you about pretty much everything It teaches navigation, ice climbing, how to dress, wilderness medicine, and avalanche safety, to name a few Granted that no one book can tell y I learned so much from this book that I hesitate in taking off a star I do admit to skipping the sections on belaying, et cetera, since I ve no intention of advanced climbing The only issue I had with reading the book relates to the textbookish language that made for some tedious reading I m not sure how one could make itexciting, but there you have it.
The material on hiking and or backpacking in harsh conditions was excellent, especially the chapter on traveling through snow and in avalanche territory watch National Geographic sThe White Death.
This reference book is to mountaineering or just camping and hiking as Joy of Cooking is to the cooking world A must have for any outdoorsman or woman.
The latest edition of the classic guide to mountaineering describes fundamental climbing skills discusses rock, snow, and ice climbing techniques recommends clothing and equipment gives advice on safety and first aid and includes a new section on waterfall ice and mixed climbing Simultaneous.
Freedom of the hills is packed with knowledge and skills that are helpful in order to survive in the mountains As a mountaineer I am always pushing to increase my skills and knowledge in order to climbdifficult mountains I initially started out with an older edition of this book and purchased the new one as soon as I saw it The book covers anything from basic knowledge of gear toadvanced skills and techniques I found that this book is very thorough and is very fair in what it teaches After reading Freedom of the Hills I successfully climbed Mt Aconcagua, Mt Hood, Grand Teton, Gannett Peak, and an attempt up Mt Rainier s Tahoma Cleaver This book gained the title of The Mountaineers Bible for a reason The most helpful portion of the book for me was glacier travel and anchors Knowing how to safely rope up as a team and travel on a mountain is a art that Ü Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills Ü What can you say about a book that is six decades in the making, evolving and written by a whole group of experts from various parts of the sport It is simply the best text book for mountaineers It includes quite a bit of alpine climbing and very good basic rock climbing advice Lots of excellent illustrations I see the changes in the last 3 or so editions, but they are only modest improvements I happen to have editions dating back to the original Mountaineers Handbook Superior 1948 This is an excellent gift for any mountaineer that doesn t have the latest copy.
Saying that this is the Bible of Mountaineering is an understatement Aaccurate comparison would be to say that this is the Bible plus everything that has ever been written on religion since that time, neatly summarized into less than 600 pages.
Anyone willing to put in the time will benefit from reading this book.
If only textbooks were this insightful when I was in school 5 stars.
The one and only bible of mountaineering Reading this monster requires a huge investment of time, energy, and patience It is not only long, but too fucking verbose and the intonation is boring.
Having said that, I am extremely happy that I went though it I now have the theoretical basics to do about anything on the mountains on this planet In practice, however, it s a different story The book will open your eyes and make you aware of the many skills you need to not die out there It takes several months to read about, but a lifetime to practice them.
If you read something like this, it will motivate you to go further and work to become a mountaineer Because it would be a pity to spend all this effort and acquire all this knowledge for nothing.
I am seriously reading this book for my WTC course with the Sierra Club Just started reading about navigation how to use a compass Besides supporting the Sierra Club I suggest supporting the Mountaineer s books My sister works there they publish great hiking, mountaineering, camping guides.

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