I picked this up because I assumed it was an anthology of short stories, and I saw JD Robb's name on it.
Rather, it's a serial mystery, each chapter written by a different author.
Sounds really intriguing, right? Especially with a bunch of well known, wellliked successful authors.
Totally wrong.
This really suckedthe characters were awful and boring (Caroline could have been likeable, except every time she started to grow a bit of a spine they let her fall apart again).
The other characters were all very unlikeable and their personalities seemed a bit disjointedprobably due to having a different author each chapter.
A single author can show a different side to a character and their story still seems continuous, but it seemed like each time you saw a new facet of the character you didnt see quite enough for it to feel Alot of fun.
Written by many different detective fiction authors (all women), this book is, at times, rather disjointed and somewhat unbelievable.
All that being said, it was great fun!!! I enjoyed seeing my favorite authors writing in a different setting and even a different time.
I had fun reading this fun spoof of a novel.
Learning the history behind serial novels then reading this book for a fun story and getting exactly that.
It's not to be taken too seriously.
Just enjoy it for what it is.
This is a serial novel in the manner of "Naked Came the Manatee", " Naked Came the Stranger", "The Floating Admiral" and others.
Thirteen women mystery/crime writers collaberated to write this novel and gave a portion of the royalties to breast cancer research.

Contributing authors are:
Chapter 1Navada Barr
Chapter 2Nora Roberts (J.
Chapter 3Nancy Pickard
Chapter 4Lisa Scottoline
Chapter 5Perri O'Shaughnessy (Pam and Mary)
Chapter 6J.
Chapter 7Faye Kellerman
Chapter 8Mary Jane Clark
Chapter 9Marcia Talley (editor and contributor)
Chapter 10Anne Pe Another serial novel is out, this time written by female mystery authors.

Remember Naked Came the Manatee? This is the same sort of deal: The thirteen chapters are each written by a different author in the tradition of that 1969 book, Naked Came the Stranger.

Stranger was purportedly written by a Connecticut housewife named Penelope Ashe but was in reality written by 24 Newsday journalists.
Editor Marcia Talley was approached by her publisher to do the book.
She knew Val McDermid and Laurie King, and then contacted several other authors about the project, including Nevada Barr, Lisa Scottoline, and the sisters Perri (Mary and Pamela) O'Shaughnessy.
Each was given a month to complete her chapter.

One of the things I really liked about

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