This is the story of Indie Brown, a woman who wishes that her childhood had never happened But in the way of all life, nothing is ever completely over and done with Happily settled into adulthood with her loving and steadfast husband, Peter, Indie begins to be drawn ever so slowly backward into her past when she begins to suspect her sister Lily of causing harm to her own newborn baby Upon this discovery, Indie realizes that their mother is the one responsible for Lily s illness, as Lily is responsible for her own daughter s mysterious sicknesses.
Writing with poetic insight and incredible subtlety, Greenwood wraps the reader up in the darkness of Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, illustrating its far reaching effects and ultimately destructive force A long time fan of talented author, T Greenwood, she delivers another compelling story of an unexplained mental disorder, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, and it s devastating effects surrounding this troubling illness and the family members with Nearer Than the Sky This is my eighth book by Greenwood, a master storyteller , she is not afraid to tackle highly charged topics, social issues, and heartfelt emotions of the heart with compassion, insight and depth once again delivers a profound an absorbing taleAt age 33, India is residing in Maine with her lover of fourteen years, who owns a restaurant and film theatre Her dreaded phone call comes once again from her younger sister, Lily informing her of her mother s hospitalization This time it is lead poisoning and it appears to be self inflected Her mother has a habit of thinking she is sick and crying wolf Ebook, Nearer Than the Sky Author T Greenwood This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Nearer Than the Sky, Essay By T Greenwood Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For ï Nearer Than the Sky ✓ Download by ☆ T.
Greenwood You Well this must be my week for disturbing fiction Indie brown s memories are coming back to bite her as she remembers fuzzy disturbing memories about her own mother that loved her younger, prettier sister Lily with suffocating obsessiveness Too, Indie is still questioning the death of her special needs much loved older brother Now with Lily s newborn Violet s mysterious illness and Indie s cold mother s strange poisoning sickness, she returns home and to the many questions left unanswered Since surviving a lightning strike at age 4 due to her mother s neglect in a grocery store parking lot, Indie can taste sounds, specifically all the lies that roll of her mother s tongue Rooting through the past, she slowly brings into clear focus the picture of the puzzle that has haunted her for y This was a moving story about a family affected by Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy A mother will cause and exaggerate medical illness in her children for attention herself As you might imagine, this can severely affect the lives of the children It is written from the perspective of one of the children who observed the abuse, but did not receive it, other than neglect The story moves back and forth from her adult present to the past, as a means of her piecing together and fully understanding her dysfunctional childhood The authors writing style is very vivid and uses a lot of imagery, but sometimes I find it to be overdone The tasting of sounds and voices used intermittently after the protagonist was hit by lightning as a child sounded forced Other parts were wonderful The story was complex and the relationsh I feel that this book could have been very good, but simply fell short of my expectations There is no denying the writer has a way with words and a great ability to paint extremely emotionally relatable pictures, but the story was at slow and at times it felt like there was no real story What was happening was quite mundane, what held my interest most of the time was the flashbacks but they were fleeting and as the book progressed became shorter and less interesting I struggled to get through to the end of it because I didn t really expect there to be anything happening, since there really wasn t anything happening through out the book One page for an exciting incident, four for a pointless conversation I honestly didn t finish the book, I made it most of the way through and ski Æ Nearer Than the Sky È Terribly disturbing and compelling at the same time I found this book hard to read and impossible to put down And I found myself thinking about it constantly This book is about the scary and unexplained mental disorder Munchausen by proxy, which causes women to harm their own children at whatever cost, and destroys families in the process It s about overcoming the terrible odds of a severely dysfunctional childhood and dealing with skeletons of a broken past.
I really enjoyed this author s writing style, how genuine all of the characters seem and how real the storyline feels I definitely recommend it I love this author Her writing is just beautiful the descriptions and metaphors pull you right into the pages truly with the characters I have read her other novels but not this early one because it wasn t yet on Kindle T Greenwood has a remarkable and disarming way of approaching disturbing topics and creating sympathetic, soulful characters to untangle and examine them But still, this story of Munchausen syndrome by proxy is heartbreaking and disturbing T Greenwood does a great job of putting the reader right on the fine line between sympathy and discomfort I only wish she had followed through on some of the story lines a little longer I would have gladly read several chapters to hear how Indie does with Violet, where she ends up working and I found Lily s promises in the end a little unbelievable without context and explanation having come this far

this is definitely my favorite by this author so far it s just so sad and pathetic, a story of Munchausen s syndrome this is an absorbing tale and family is complicated I think I should have listened to this on tape I got this feeling half way through that I wanted to know what happened but I didn t want to watch, like closing your eyes during a scary movie, but that is impossible to do when reading I powered through because I had to know what would happen to everyone this is a powerful book about a powerful disease Being a social worker, I have had one experience with Munchausen by proxy and it was devistating This book is a very realistic portrait of the disease and what it can do to a family and the difficult way to prove it It is a very serious book, it is raw with emotions and you need to be ready to step into the emotions whole heartedly, but read it, embrace it and know that it has a great deal of truth within it.

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