Exam Is A Novella From Piers Anthony About An Unusual College Entrance Examination Entrance Exams Are Taken In The Form Of A Multi Player Online Game In A Semi Virtual Reality, With Portals To Other Worlds And Alien Monsters For Those Who Qualify, Board And Tuition Will Be Free Can This Be [ read Online Odd Exam Ä zen PDF ] by Piers Anthony Ä Serious Second pick from my recently acquired older scifi collection and what a dud Usually novellas are a nice noncommittal way to check out a new author, but based on this lackluster introduction I don t think I d ever want to read books by him Odd Exam is about two 18 year olds, a nondescript boy named Ike and a girl most often described as luscious named Felony who get invited to try out for a secret academy named Pomegranate something Of course, the kids fall in love, clumsily and immediately The exam is conducted in a virtual reality setting as something of a game Silly premise, terribly flat amateurish execution, the entire thing is just inane The only surprising thing about it is that this is written by an experienced and fairly popular author Not sure if this was meant to be YA or it s dumbed down or just dumb, but either way an utter

Let me save you the trouble of reading this garbage Boy meets girl on a virtual reality tour of a school Girl, Felony, immediately throws herself at boy, Ike Boy rejects girl because her breasts are too small Girl continues to desperately throw herself at boy Boy decides her personality, which consists entirely of trying to have sex with him, might be important than her bra size.
On page 12, She closed her eyes dreamily, I could fall in love with you without half trying, after their first kiss They said hello for the first time like 5 minutes ago and she has already informed him she is a product of rape, insisted that he kiss her and mentioned her breasts half a dozen times.
In the next chapter, this still seems to be less than an hour after they ve met, Felony says, This time, when you kiss me, put your hands on my bottom I ve got the girl parts I read a lot of Piers Anthony in high school and college The Xanth series, Bio of a Space Pirate, the Incarnations of Immortality The books were clever and fun and when I stumbled across Odd Exam I wondered why I had stopped reading him The premise isn t really that unique many authors play with some variation on the idea that regular people are put into a magical world I ve done it myself in an unpublished novella I wrote in college So I was especially interested in discovering what Anthony s take would be on this theme The ending was pretty obvious early on, but it s the journey that gets you there and I found that mostly enjoyable What bothered me and I can t get past it was the stilted dialogue which totally surprised me I don t r

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