NOTE This review for for theoriginal Oh My Goth edition She s committing total social suicide.
Much like Kanye West and Taylor Swift, or like Anthony Bourdain and Paula Deen, Jade a Goth and Mercedes a Barbie are mortal enemies Mercedes commands an army of Barbies, who delight in kicking Jade when she s down I m not a bad person I haven t killed anyoneSo why do people look at me as if the world would be a better place without meIt feels like no matter what she does, Jade always gets the short end of the stick Even her teachers participate in the daily mocking and tormentingAre you paying attention, Miss Leigh Jade , or are you praying you never come into contact with a wooden stakeAnd when Jade fights back, her principal sentences Jade and Mercedes to Reviewed by Taylor Rector for TeensReadToo.
comJade is a Goth girl who is a total nonconformist and is a freak at her school Mercedes is a Barbie blonde, super popular, and a total conformist, who is also Jade s mortal enemy Clarik is a new mysterious boy that has come to their high school, who Jade quickly realizes she has a crush on The girls principal is sick of these two girls causing problems so she decides to teach them a lesson they will never forget After getting the parents consent, the girls are taken to an old rundown building, strapped down, and sedated Mercedes and Jade have no idea what is going on, until they wake up at home They go to school only to realize that everyone has turned Goth and the Barbies are the freaks now The girls don t like their new environment at all and are determined to find o I m so surprised that I m writing a negative review of this book When I first got Oh My Goth, I thought it d be one of those books that I d recommend to all my friends The premise was great I mean here s to showing everyone is human on the inside and labels appearances should not be the defining factor of a person or their worth And then Well, first off, we get this huge contradiction right at the opening Each chapter is prefaced with a blurb from Jade s private journal here s the first one When people look at me, they automatically assume I m dark and weird Why can t they see the truth I m just a girl, trying to find my place in the world I thought, Okay, we re off to a great start This character has strong likeable potential But then the narrative began Three paragraphs down the first page and we ve got Hone Oh My Goth by Gena ShowalterFirst published 2006.
Young adult twist on Its a Wonderful Life or Freaky Friday.
The first half of the book sets up the lives of Jade, Mercedes and new school classmate Clarik There is tragedy, friendships and deliberate cruelty And then reality is twisted and they must learn and understand their new world to survive As is typical with this type of renewal and awakening story, I cried through the last 50 pages It wasn t really a mystery what was going on, but the results were sweet and satisfying The message live life and be kind.
I received a copy of this updated book at ALA.
Fiercely Individualist Goth Girl Wakes Up To Discover That The Whole World Has Gone Goth And She S Actually Gag Popular Jade Leigh Is A Nonconformist Who Values Individuality Above All Else She Has A Small Group Of Like Minded Goth Friends Who Wear Black, Dabble In The Dark Arts, And Thrive Outside The Norm They Re Considered The Freaks Of Their High School But When Jade S Smart Mouth Lands Her In Trouble Again Her Principal Decides To Teach [Gena Showalter] ☆ Oh My Goth [young-adult-contemporary PDF] read Online ß Her A Lesson She Ll Never Forget Taken To A Remote Location Where She Is Strapped Down And Sedated, Jade Wakes Up In An Alternate Universe Where She Rules The School But Her Best Friends Won T Talk To Her, And The People She Used To Hate Are All Goth Only Clarik, The Mysterious New Boy In Town, Operates Outside All The Cliques And Only Mercedes, The Barbie Clone Jade Loathes, Believes That Jade S Stuck In A Virtual Reality Game Because She S Stuck There, Too, Now Living The Life Of A Freak Together, They Realize They Might Never Get Back To Realityand That Even If They Do, Things Might Never Be The Same

Oh My Goth was oh my god bad I slammed the book twice on the countertop while reading I ranted to my brother how much I disliked the book I fumed for a good 10 minutes afterwards My dogma of how MTV books could never go wrong has proven to be blasphemous with this book.
When reading the summary I thought hey this sounds pretty good When I finished I nearly gagged myself.
Jade needed a new sense of what it means to be an individual She needs to understand that wearing clothes that a majority of her peers do not wear and moaning and groaning about how they all suck does not mean to be an individual She needs to know when to stick up for yourself instead of running over people like a fortified tank half of the time and being trampled like a calf the other half She condemns people because they all dress alike yet she and friends see If you couldn t tell that it was going to be bad by the title or the sh tty tagline Kiss my hall pass , don t worry It s bad from the very first word written.
Jade is a self proclaimed nonconformist goth girl who is picked on by everyone else except for the three only other goth kids in the school yeah right because she s different Mercedes is the most popular girl at school who s main goal is to make every loser s life a living hell One day, both girls are taken to a remote location where they are strapped down and sedated I sh t you not and wake up in a world where Jade is the popular girl and goth is the trend and Mercedes is the loser along with the other preppies The only person who does not seem to be effected is the myst É Oh My Goth É When I first picked this book, I was so excited to read it because I thought it would be a cute story about a girl who s goth and probably judged for it, but in the end she has this deeper side and when people discover it, she ends up being liked, right wrong.
in the story we have Jade Leigh, who is about the most stereotypical goth kid, on the face of the earth along with her very defined goth friends whom the author described as cyber goth, cementry goth, and other types as well okay, right there, is a strike for me I am a fan of the goth culture, however the fact that the author made it so sterotypic really angers me They wear blacm, hate school, have dyed hair, peircings, and dabble in the magic arts Not all goths are like this and while some of these things are trends, it doesn t mean that everyone is a part of them.
secondly, the rudeness twords Jade is so spoiled If I had acted this way at her age, I d have gotten my little ass kicked sky high to Mars and back Name choices are quirky at best Clarick Was that really necessary Moral of story all popular people are shallow and all nonconformists are deep thinkers not.
This review was originally posted at Under The Covers Book BlogThis is a story of two teens from opposite sides, a goth girl and the other a popular who struggles with family and high school issues After a near miss accident, their world is turned upside down The goths are the populars and the populars, well, are not Both girls experience a whirlwind of struggles, but this time in another person s shoes and this opens their eyes to a whole new world It would take real understanding of things before they get back to the world they truly belong to.
I know there have been bad reviews on Goodreads about this book and I ve read a few of them Yes, at some point they make sense if they are looking for aserious young adult book I m not sure what Showalter had in mind writing this book, but I assume she was targeting the younger teen readers Readers

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