, Leonardo Da Vinci And Michelangelo Buonarroti Both Lived And Worked In Florence Leonardo Was A Charming, Handsome Fifty Year Old At The Peak Of His Career Michelangelo Was A Temperamental Sculptor In His Mid Twenties, Desperate To Make A Name For HimselfMichelangelo Is A Virtual Unknown When He Returns To Florence And Wins The Commission To Carve What Will Become One Of The Most Famous Sculptures Of All Time David Even Though His Impoverished Family Shuns Him For Being An Artist, He Is Desperate To Support Them Download Epub Format  oil and marble: a novel of Leonardo and Michelangelo PDF by  Stephanie Storey Living At The Foot Of His Misshapen Block Of Marble, Michelangelo Struggles Until The Stone Finally Begins To Speak Working Against An Impossible Deadline, He Begins His Feverish CarvingMeanwhile, Leonardo S Life Is Falling Apart He Loses The Hoped For David Commission He Can T Seem To Finish Any Project He Is Obsessed With His Ungainly Flying Machine He Almost Dies In War His Engineering Designs Disastrously Fail And He Is Haunted By A Woman He Has Seen In The Market A Merchant S Wife, Whom He Is Finally Commissioned To Paint Her Name Is Lisa, And She Becomes His MuseLeonardo Despises Michelangelo For His Youth And Lack Of Sophistication Michelangelo Both Loathes And Worships Leonardo S Genius Oil And Marble Is The Story Of Their Nearly Forgotten Rivalry Storey Brings Early Th Century Florence Alive, And Has Entered With Extraordinary Empathy Into The Minds And Souls Of Two Renaissance Masters The Book Is An Art History Thriller The author reveals the great rivalry between Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo and brings to life these two magnificent artists In age they are poles apart as well as in style Leonardo is a fastidious man, egotistical and full of his own fame Michelangelo on the other hand is a bit of a grub, scruffy, poorly attired and generally has bad body odour due to the lack of washing Leonardo for the first part of the book is still to paint the Mona Lisa and is madly pursuing recognition for his mechanical inventions including his flight apparatus He suffers failure on a grand scale, however in modern times he has well been acclaimed as a man beyond his time Michelangelo on the other hand is a young sculptor with his own dreams He has received in Rome acclaim for his sculpting of the Pieta although the public acclaim first goes to another sculptor The This wonderful historical novel centers on Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti during the years 1501 1505 when they both lived and worked in Florence, Italy Leonardo was in his fifties and an established artist Michelangelo was in his twenties and had just completed The Pieta in Rome and had returned to Florence to make a name for himself and to support his family When Michelangelo wins the Duccio stone commission and begins his beloved David sculpture, Leonardo is working on The Mona Lisa.
The author has done a wonderful job of bringing these two art masters to life This story about the competition between these artists is very believable and enjoyable The author has an excellent understanding of an artist s soul The year is 1501 and Stephanie Storey tells a highly imagined tale of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarreti as they return to Florence At fifty years of age, Leonardo is the elder statesman in the area of art and science Michelangelo considers himself a sculptor and has been distinguishing himself in Rome.
The story is about the rivalry between the two men In Florence, the city fathers have offered a commission to Leonardo to carve the Duccio stone A huge but damaged piece of marble, but he refuses the commission A destitute Michelangelo takes on the commission The hostility between the two men goes on while Michelangelo carves David and da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa.
The writing is average but the book is well researched It is written in an Ø oil and marble: a novel of Leonardo and Michelangelo Ø Because unless he is the master of his own time, he can never be the master of all time.
This was a very easy intro into the lives of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo The author did a great job setting the scene and place I m visiting Italy in April, and will try my utmost to go to Florence to see some of the beautiful places described Oil and Marble reads like a who s who in the 1500 s with a cast of characters that also include Machiavelli, the Borgias and Botticelli I really enjoyed how the author tried to describe the different creation processes used by these two artists She portrays da Vinci as all intellect, jumping from project to project as he gets new ideas, and Michelangelo as intense and emotional, deeply committed to whatever he is working on Very well researched and readable, I think yo When I was about 4% into this book, I had a lot to say A LOT Then I found a few episodes that I liked weirdly, I like Storey s portrayal of Salai And then I came to the conclusion, that Storey is so confident that everything I have to say would be a waste of words and thoughts who cares Hence I give it one star and leave it as a one star attempt to write about two brilliant minds, where the star goes mostly for an effort and in memory of all trees which died to provide paper for this book.
Stephanie Storey s debut novel has all the elements of fascinating historical fiction She has re imagined the lives of artists Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci during a period of four pivotal years 1501 1505 when they both lived and worked in Florence At this time, Leonardo was 50 years old, his name and reputation secure, while Michelangelo was young, temperamental, and just beginning to make a name for himself Through the course of a deepening rivalry, the two artists complete their most famous masterpieces Michelangelo s David sculpture, and Leonardo s Mona Lisa portrait In the process they find they have much to learn from each other.
Storey brings the medieval world of Florence to life, and takes the reader inside the heads and hearts of working artists, men who were both revered and reviled by the public, depending Hard to resist a story pitting two artistic, egotistical giants against one another, especially with the vivid backdrop of Florence My expectations of a good storyline were low as I was willing to settle for the pleasure of merely spending time in the company of Leonardo and Michaelangelo To my pleasant surprise, Stephanie Storey did extensive research to make her novel tension filled, realistic, and enlightening By the final pages, these accomplished artists had truly come alive for me This tale part truth, part fiction offers inspiration for all who aim to accomplish their dreams, illustrating that success is first a personal reality.
I chose to read this book because I had an upcoming trip to Italy What a great choice Who knew that Leonardo and Michelangelo had such a rivalry It was interesting to learn that being an artist was not admirable and that sculpting was an arduous and and filthy business Viewing Michelangelo s works in Rome was a completely different experience for me because of this book.
The world has long been in love with Da Vinci and with Michelangelo but rarely do we hear of the rivalry they had with each other In Oil and Marble, Storey weaves a meticulously researched tale as complicated and beautiful as the treasures they left behind The reader easily finds themselves rooting for both men, each radically different than the other, both flawed in their own ways, full of ego and incredible talent If you love history and love art, take a trip back to the height of the Italian Renaissance and immerse yourself in the world that Storey has built If you are like me, you ll end up staying up long after your bedtime to reach the end

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