No s si es por el hecho de que soy nuevo en esto de los libros rom nticos, pero debo decir que am este libro demasiado Una historia ligera y f cil de leer, que nos habla de la vida de Rosalie, una ilustradora que lucha d a a d a en su tienda, a la cual le llega una oferta que no puede dejar pasar Sin pensar que ese trabajo, ilustrar un libro de su autor de libros infantiles favoritos, cambiar a su vida y la de otros por completo.
Primero, que este ambientado en Paris ya lo hace perfecto Cuando uno piensa en un lugar rom ntico, Paris es siempre una buena idea Pun intended Segundo, la historia es hermosa, a pesar de que no tener un comienzo perfecto ni tampoco un desarrollo en los mejores t rminos posibles , t ,.
Laurent Is The Proud Owner Of Luna Luna, A Little Post Card Shop In St Germain, And If It Were Up To Her, Far People Would Write Cards Her Specialty Is Producing Wishing Cards, But Where Her Own Wishes Are Concerned The Quirky Graphic Artist Is Far From Lucky Every Birthday Rosalie Sends A Card Inscribed With Her Heart S Desire Fluttering Down From The Eiffel Tower But None Of Her Wishes Has Ever Been FulfilledThen One Day When An Elderly Gentleman Trips Up In [ read Online Paris ist immer eine gute Idee â brain PDF ] by Nicolas Barreau ò Her Shop And Knocks Over A Post Card Stand, It Seems That Her Wish Cards Are Working After All Rosalie Finds Out That It Is Max Marchais, Famed And Successful Author Of Children S books Who S Fallen Into Her Life When He Asks Her To Illustrate His New And Probably Last Book, Rosalie Is Only Too Glad To Accept, And The Two Very Different Maverick Artists Become FriendsRosalie S Wishes Seem To Be Coming True At Last, Until A Clumsy American Professor Stumbles Into Her Store With Accusations Of Plagiarism Rosalie Is Hard Pressed To Know Whether Love Or Trouble Is Blowing Through Her Door These Days, But When In Doubt, She Knows That Paris Is Always A Good Idea When One Is Looking For The Truth And Finding Love I really enjoyed this cute little book And yes, It did make me yearn for Paris in a serious way It is indeed a VERY good idea Rosalie has a quiet life in the beautiful French city, running little postcard shop She is dating a personal trainer, with whom she has little in common, and has grand ambitions of being an artist She is approached by an old man at her shop, who just so happens to be a famous children s author He wants Rosalie to illustrate his new children s book and she does so happily However, fate brings her a chance encounter with an arrogant American who accuses her and Max of plagiarism What secrets will Rosalie uncover from her friend Max and this handsome, annoying American And will she find the true love she has always wanted This book was just what the doctor ordered It was a quick read 3 1 2 estrellas.
Es la primera novela que leo de este autor a pesar de que llevo a os vi ndolas por las librer as y bibliotecas No s exactamente qu me esperaba, pero me ha sorprendido gratamente.
Es una novela que se centra en los personajes y el autor los describe a base de an cdotas y o comportamientos m s que con descripciones f sicas, lo cual a m me gusta much simo m s La protagonista, Rosalie, me ha parecido una protagonista muy rom ntica y la base de la historia tambi n La nica pega que le pongo es que hay escenas muy importantes Max con Robert, por ejemplo que el autor elige no explicarnos y que resume en una anotaci n del diario de Rosalie Me habr a gustado leerlas y que el final, o alg n otro cap tulo, fuese m s largo Tengo la sensaci n de que a la novela en general le faltan p ginas, aunque tal vez soy yo Sin duda recom I admit when I first began reading this, it didn t seem like it was going to be good It was failing to grab my attention and I wondered if I was going to struggle to get through it At some point, however, it turned the other way for me I think it was around when Sherman came to Paris, that s where things started to take off I started liking the characters , and could I see Paris in my mind I m really beginning to enjoy the setting of books in Paris, it lends a certain romantic flair to the reading Anyway, I ended up enjoying this story It wasn t perfect but I don t care about stuff like that I thought it was a sweet little romance, with a touch of mystery thrown in Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
à Paris ist immer eine gute Idee · Una historia preciosa, escrita con elegancia y mucho gusto Se disfruta mucho y se te hace corta Aunque creo a veces que las descripciones se hacen muy largas.

Empec a leer este libro con expectativas, lo acepto, no eran muy altas, pero si ve a muy buenas rese as de el Par s Es Siempre Una Buena Idea , para m , es una historia de destino, de como todo encaja a la perfecci n para que un acontecimiento cambie la vida de una persona.
De por s , ya la premisa es bastante predecible, as que, en mi opini n, como autor tienes lograr que los acontecimientos no lo sean No me gust que el autor se anticipara a los hechos, te preparaba previamente para lo que iba a suceder en vez de dejarlo fluir.
Barreau da demasiadas vueltas para llegar a un punto, que a pesar de qu es una lectura f cil, se te hace pesada e interminable La historia de amor que se desarrolla en el libro no me pareci nada convincente, se desarrolla muy r pido sin dar el encanto p , I like books which somehow include the topic of books in their themes, which led me to Paris is Always a Good Idea Sometimes, when I m not feeling super well, I turn to novels which are guaranteed to be pretty frothy and undemanding This book fit that bill As I watched Netflix, with my box of Kleenex, my cough remedies and hot lemon, I also read this book I dozed off periodically But I had a sweet, endorphin boosting tale to turn back to, even as I shivered and grumped to myself about a long lasting flu Sometimes, a sweet book is good medicine 3.
5 stars.

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