Personal Review This is definitely not a picture book for small children I am in love with the fact that this story is told in poem format and the illustrations really enhance the text with relevant details While it doesn t get too graphic it truly portrays what fighting in the Vietnam War was like for some soldiers This is an excellent pairing for Myers s Fallen Angels due to the same subject matter and the fact that it offers the same basic ideas in a different format while including illustrations This would be an excellent alternative book to Fallen Angels for students who A couldn t handle the language and graphic nature of Fallen Angels or B couldn t handle the length of the novel This gets the same idea across as Fallen Angels in a much shortervisual manner I will definitely buy this book for the collection if I end up in a middle or high s First person perspective of going to war Who s the enemy Young American Soldier Waits For His Enemy, Rifle In Hand, Finger On The Trigger He Is Afraid To Move And Yet Afraid Not To Move Gunshots Crackle In The Still Air The Soldier Fires Blindly Into The Distant Trees At An Unseen Enemy He Crouches And Waits Heart Pounding, Tense And Trembling, Biting Back Tears When Will It All Be Over Walter Dean Myers Joined The Army On His Seventeeth Birthday, At The Onset Of American Involvement In Vietnam, But It Was The [Walter Dean Myers] Ü Patrol: An American Soldier in Vietnam [butch-femme PDF] read Online Ü Death Of His Brother InThat Forever Changed His Mind About WarIn A Gripping And Powerful Story Poem, The Award Winning Author Takes Readers Into The Heart And Mind Of A Young Soldier In An Alien Land Who Comes Face To Face With The Enemy Strikingly Illustrated With Evocative And Emotionally Wrenching Collages By Caldecott Honor Artist Ann Grifalconi, This Unforgettable Portrait Captures One American GL S Haunting Experience Walter Dean Myers is one of my favorite authors and this picture book by him is a treasure A young African American soldier is in the rain forest of Vietnam He is preparing for a battle that involves villagers and unseen enemy No blood and gore But psychological stress of battle and war is recorded I am using this with a middle school African American boy I tutor.
Was a very cool book had some action and had some cool symbolism towards items and different colors on pages Beautiful illustrations and a touching story.
Ë Patrol: An American Soldier in Vietnam â A wonderful story about warthe power, the anxiety and the fears.
An amazing older adult picture book that gives a realistic perspective on what war truly is Not a glamorous situation, but rather gut wrenching unanswered questions.

Rebecca WeimertPicture BookPatrol An American Solider in Vietnam is a story from the point of view of the solider The solider describes what he is thinking and feeling as he waits for the enemy in the rice paddies of Vietnam He also describes the village and what he feels when he sees the enemy up close Although he is fighting for his country, the solider is also ready for the war to be over and wants to go home.
As I was researching this book I noticed it was mostly listed as a children s book, but I would disagree The story describes killing and bombs I do not feel this is appropriate for children, but for young adults Young adults would understand the language used and the metaphors better than a child In one scene the solider invades a local town and describes the people Walter Dean Myers nevers disappoints His account of a young American soldier facing the enemy in combat is emotional, intense, and frightening This soldier s story is not told from moment to moment but rather emotion to emotion Desiring a reason to kill the enemy, the soldier struggles with his plight but remains steadfast in his desire to stay alive We stare across the distance I know he wants me to lift my rifle, to be the enemy I want him to lift his rifle I want him to turn away In a heartbeat, we have learned too much about each other.
The story addresses the tradegy of the Vietnam War the difficult terrian, the involvement of civilians, and the dropping of bombs This book is intense The reading level is listed as third grade, but the content is reallyappropriate for older readers It certainly provides a first person a

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