Physiology of Behavior with Neuroscience Animations and Student Study Guide CD-ROM (International Edition) ó The book is in good condition, the pages are in excellent condition however the book spine and corners of the cover were a little worn, this is not cause for complaint though I am very happy with this purchase and the book itself has been extremely helpful with my studies, it is worded in a way that is easy to understand and is academic and informative.
Eighth Edition Of Physiology Of Behavior Continues Its Tradition As The Most Comprehensive, Current, And Teachable Text For Physiological Psychology This Classic Text Incorporates The Latest Discoveries In The Rapidly Changing Fields Of Neuroscience And Physiological Psychology And Offers The Most Comprehensive And Integrative Coverage Of Research And Theory In Contemporary Behavioral NeuroscienceThoughtfully Organized, It Offers Scholarly, Yet Accessible Coverage And Effectively Emphasizes The Dynamic Interaction Between Biology And Behavior Collaboration With A Talented Artist Has Provided Beautiful, Accurate, And Informative Full Color Illustrations That Further [Neil R Carlson] í Physiology of Behavior with Neuroscience Animations and Student Study Guide CD-ROM (International Edition) [natural-history PDF] read Online · Enhance The Appeal To Both Students And Professors Alike The best textbook of its kind, good diagams of the brain and usually very clear in places I found it very helpful for my Neuropsychology exam It is very medical and concentrates on the roots of disorders which means it is a bit of a building block to understanding case studies and descriptive texts.
Only critism is that it is not consistently clear, in some areas it is patchy eg it describes two forms of a disorder and gives a great medical account of the root of one form but doesn t mention the root of the other form of disorder Presumabley this is because the roots of the other one are not known, but he doesn t tell you this Still the best on the market.
i used to hate physiology those terms and rules i never sorted out in my brain but this text made a difference i ENJOYED reading it it s easy to read with numerous interesting examples from everyday life

I needed this book for my exams but it turned up after I d finished the exam I needed it for.
Was a present for my Granddaughter

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