4 stars Ama ger ek hayatta kolay yollar yoktu ve ok az sonsuza kadar mutlu ya ad lar vard.
Ger ek hayat daha ok kapa n bile a madan nce o u se eneklerin kopar l p kar ld bir Kendi Maceran Se kitab gibiydi view spoiler Marc son bir defa g l msedi.
Sonra gecenin i ine ad m att ve kap arkas ndan kapand te Marc b ylece gitti S navlardan f rsat bulup ta bir t rl okuyamad m Gurur u sonunda bitirdim.
Ama ke ke bitmeseydi de dedim.
Konumuza gelirsek Kitap direk konseyde ba l yor.
Faythe eski erkek arkada n ld rmekle ve ona hastal k bula t rmakla su lan yor stelik Faythe in evlenmeyecek olmas ve s r ye ocuk vermeyecek olmas ger e i onu t r ndeki di er di ilerden daha de ersiz k l yordur.
Faythe ne kadar Andrew u ld rmesinin nefsi m daafa oldu unu s ylese de kimse ona inanmaz stelik k smi d n m ge irdi ini de kan tlayamazken.
Sonra babas Faythe e Kesin olan bir ey varsa o da u Rachel her bir kitab nda giderek daha iyi oluyor Kitab bug n i im olmas na ra men uyumadan hatta g zlerimi bile k rpmadan okudum , bu size ne kadar heyecanl oldu unu hakk da bir ipucu verecektir.
Ucundan konuyu anlatmak gerekirse , Faythe benim ona verdi im lakap big mouth eksi sevgilisine likantrop bula t rmak ve sonra bu hatas n nlemek i in onu ld rmek ile su lan yor Konsey toplan p Faythe i hangi gelece in bekledi ine karar vermeye al yor Konseyde Marc in ve babas n n d manlar o unlukta olunca Faythe idam edilme ile kar kar ya kal yor stelik Marc n evlilik teklifini yeniden reddetti i i in konsey onun Gurura ocuk vermeyecek ba belas bir kad n oldu unu d n yor Faythe t m bu olaylar n i inde kndinin masum oldu unu kan tlamaya al rken Marc n ondan ayr lmas ve ona kar so uk tav rlar sergilemesi moralini bozuyor , kalbini iyice k r yor Ta ki serbest I know, I know, a lot of you really don t like Faythe After all, she is impulsive, is known to run off at the mouth, and sometimes she does incredibly stupid things But I like Faythe I like how her character grows and matures with each subsequent book Yes, she still is impulsive Yes, she still lacks a good brain filter However, she is beginning to understand that her actions have consequences not only to herself, but to her Pride as a whole Pride starts off with Faythe facing the consequences of an accidental creation of a stray and his death She is brought before the council tribunal, a kind of werecat kangaroo court In werecat law, a defendant is always presumed guilty and must prove their innocence The tribunal is not going well and Faythe comes to the slow realization that her life hangs in the balance and that the council wan There must be some hidden, golden rule somewhere that I tend to fallin love with Urban Fantasy series by the third book I don t know what it is maybe the writer is in the middle of getting the story even better, or else I ve just fallen in lovewith the characters Have no idea, only in this one I do know it s not because I love the main character I actually loathe her I was hoping that, by this point in the series, she would have evolved, calmed down, and grew up a little Instead she s still abrasive and makes me cringe at some of what she says and how silly she is in predicaments, but it was toned down a little this time Marc islikeable now, although I always liked him a decent bit The mother and Manx aren t really in this one as the book takes place in a neutral meeting place for the shifter council They were missed but we get lots of the fath hey Faythe or whatever your name is

Pride continues shortly after Rogue left off Faythe is on trial for her actions at the end of the previous book However, it seems like her entire life is put under a magnifying glass and all her mistakes have come back to bite her on the ass once again At first Faythe feels worried that the verdict will be for her to be caged or declawed By being declawed she would be left helpless to defend herself for life But she soon finds out that execution is also on the plate as well, especially in the eyes of a particular Alpha judging her trial However, a group of strays interrupt the proceedings after several hikers go missing nearby They also find what seems to be a female stray in the territory Add to the mix several attacks to Faythe by the strays while she s trying to help and she doesn t know what to do with Marc after ë Pride (Shifters #3) · 5 Pride Stars Well holy moly this book had it all Heart break, action, someone to hate, someone to love I can t get enough of Faythe, trouble seems to like her as well, and her mouth also gets her into some trouble too This book really has so much to offer I want Mark to kick some serious ass And the Alpha has a fight coming I can t want to see how this is all going to play out And the girl wow that was hard to hear but we defiantly have some exciting twist come out of this book On to the next You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.
So, far this is actually my favorite in the series I liked how the plot wasn t all about a mystery crime, so it had a different feel from the first two books I love political intrigue, and the pack hierarchy dynamics are starting to get really interesting.
1st read March 20102nd read August 2015original ReviewThe review for this book will include major spoilers for anyone who hasn t yet read the first 2 books Stray Rogue so please don t read any further if you re new to the series The end of the last book saw Faythe kill her ex boyfriend Andrew in self defence, this is the same ex boyfriend who she had accidentally infected with her ability to partially shift Now she is on trial for both of these crimes and if she is found guilty she will be facing the death penalty As far as the council is concerned she is guilty until she can prove her innocence and unless she can convince them that she infected Andrew by accident she is going to be in serious trouble Considering she is the only werecat in history who claims to be able to do a partial shift, and all the witnesses she M On Trial For My Life Falsely Accused Of Infecting My Human Ex Boyfriend And Killing Him To Cover Up The Crime Infecting A Human Is One Of Three Capital Offenses Recognized By The Pride Along With Murder And Disclosure Of Our Existence To A HumanI M Two For Three A GonerNow We Ve Discovered A Rogue Stray Terrorizing The Mountainside, Hunting A Wild Teenage Tabbycat It S Up To Us To Find And Stop Him Before A Human Discovers Us With Trailer ↠´ Pride (Shifters #3) PDF by Ì Rachel Vincent My Lover Marc S Help, I Think I Can Protect The Vulnerable Girl From Both The Ambitious Rogue And The Scheming Of The Territorial CouncilIf I Survive My Own Trial

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