Dislike the fact the CD s are damaged First purchase CD 1 skipped and stopped Exchanged product and this time CD 3 does not play.
The female speaker is annoying She is not easy to listen to Her tone makes me feel like I am in a strict boarding school.
Not conducive to learning.
For the beginning student of French, or for those who have some experience this book and the accompanying CDs are helpful, but would be better if the pauses after the auditory were longer As they are now, some students of French such as the reviewer may be struggling to finish the practice sentences before the next one begins Yes, the host does recommend pausing the CD after each auditory, and no doubt judgments had to be made from the publisher as to the space allotted both to the CDs and the main text In addition, not enough explanation is given on the pronunciation of some of thedifficult sounds in French that have no English equivalents, such as the correct way to pronounce the r sound in French.
The accents of the verbal tutors are incredible though, and students who use this book will no doubt wish they will eventually sound as beautiful as these individuals Also, there are some Mastering French, Nothing Is Important Than Learning To Pronounce The Words And Phrases So That You Can Be Understood This CD And Book Program Emphasizes Speaking, Sound Discrimination, And Standard Intonation Patterns That Are Typical Of Native French Speakers, For Example Pronunciation Of French Vowel Sounds, Such As U And Eu, And French Nasals Such As Un And En, Which Many English Speakers Find Especially Difficult To Pronounce This Programs Noteworthy Features Include A Guide To French Pronunciation Expressed In The Phonetic Symbols Of The [ Pdf Pronounce it Perfectly in French: With Audio CDs ¾ young-readers PDF ] by Christopher Kendris Ph.
✓ International Phonetic Association IPA Extensive Pronunciation Exercises Including Supplementary Help Based On Poetry, Proverbs, Familiar Sayings, Historical Quotations And HumorAudio On Three Convenient Compact Discs That Complements The TextWords And Sounds Are Put Into A Variety Of Conversational Contexts For Students Of French To Practice And Perfect As I wanted, to improve speaking skills hand by hand ½ Pronounce it Perfectly in French: With Audio CDs ½ This book is awesome It groups words by the way they are spelled and tells you how to pronounce them It also points out the exceptions I have only been using this book for a few weeks and I can now clearly distinguish the various sounds I took a dictation self test the other day, and to my amazement I got nearly all the words correct, even proper names that I did not know before.
If you want to learn to speak and understand spoken French buy this You will be pleased.
For those Francophones Francophiles or even those vacationing for a short periods of time who love the French Language, this book is genuinely the best Lesson Book I have found for taking serious lovers of the language to the next level Personally, I have not found a French language lesson book that has helped me to improve my ability to speak as well as this book has since I purchased it Of course, it still takes practicing daily, following the clear, concise lessons along with listening to the way the individuals on the CD s help you to understand the exact pronunciation and structure It has helped where no other Lesson Book has been able to help Most who love to speak the language or have tried to learn it have had French lessons either from school, or are self taught through immersion or others have been learning and applying the language by means of other c This book and CD are well coordinated The book has a quality appearance and feel for a paperback and the sound quality of the CD is very good I have enhanced my ability to pronounce French using this.
Very helpful in learning the nuances of French pronunciation Learning the phonetic alphabet with the correct voicing really helps when one looks up a new word in a French dictionary which includes the phonetic spelling I can pronounce the new word qiuite easily without a struggle.

Excellent Book It s a well laid out book that is easy to follow It explains the sounds in French using both English equivalents and IPA International Phenetic Alphabet The books also provides a heads up for exceptions to the rules I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to demystify French phenetics.
Very nice It helps my son a lot to speak in french

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