Psychic Self Defense Includes Fascinating Personal Stories About Real Life Close Encounters Of The Paranormal Kind, With In Depth Descriptions OfDifferent Psychic Threats, And Detailed Descriptions Of Effective Counter Measures Both The Neophyte And The Experienced Will Find A Wealth Of Specific How To Methods To Counter All Forms Of Psychic Attacks From Projections Of Negative Thoughts From Other People, To Black Magic Curses, To Hauntings By Disembodied Spirits, To Energy Sucking Vampires, Or Attacks By Demons Unlike The Many Dry books [ Pdf Psychic Self Defense Ê english-literature PDF ] by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel º Written Clinically By People With Years Of Interest And Knowledge In The Paranormal, But Little Or No Real Life Experience With Malevolent Paranormal Forces, All The Descriptions And Techniques Outlined In Psychic Self Defense Are Based Upon Embrosewyn S Five Decades Of Personal Experience With Psychic Countermeasures Most Devised By Personal Trial And Error, That Have Been Proven To Be Extremely Effective In Threatening Real Life Paranormal Situations Check Out The Table Of Contents And You Ll Have A Good Idea Of The Wealth Of Helpful Even Vital Information Contained In This Invaluable Book It Should Be In The Library Of Every Psychic And Serious Student Of The Paranormal, And Absolutely read By Every Medium, Channeler, Or Person Who Makes Any Contact With Forces, Entities, Or Beings From The World Beyond Ok Didn t know what to expect So, not bad.

Brilliant book for learning protection fine

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