↠´ QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology ↠´ Full disclosure, I expected this book to be different in composition than it was and that has likely affected my experience with it The positives of this book is that there is representation of voices sometimes unheard in anthologies like this such as Deaf queer folks, folks without super academic or radical backgrounds, and others That said, I expected essays than there were I am not a big poetry person nor do I understand what makes poetry good and bad When I found most of the entries in this book to be poetry, I was disappointed There are also fiction and nonfiction stories told in here and sometimes it is difficult to tell which is which I found a couple of the stories to be downright detestable especially the one which is basically a woman talking about how ugly everyone is, the story of the developmentally disabled man s parents setting him up on a date with an a Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, And Comics By Writers From Around The World, QDA A Queer Disability Anthology Proves That Intersectionality Isn T Just A Buzzword It S A Penetrating And Unforgettable Look Into The Hearts And Souls Of Those Defiant Enough To Explore Their Own Vulnerabilities And Demonstrate Their Own Strengths Here Is A Gathering Of People With The Transformative And Political Power Of Love That Transcends Gender And Ability Ignorance Is The Biggest [Raymond Luczak] ê QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology [go PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Barrier I m a little biased, but I think this book is awesome So many different stories of how disability and queerness are woven together in the lives of others So good I didn t care for any of the longer works Enjoyed the poems though And always nice to read about people similar to and also different from me.

TW sex senceI enjoy it but the main issue is that some of them felt weird to rate due being about their life, also if you going to read the e book like I did some stories or poetry look different than the physical copy and they said every time I don t what is the difference But I think important to see people who are queer but also with disables 4.
5 5 Some pieces are better reads than others.

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