When Quicksilver was first announced, it was said to be a companion novel to Ultraviolet, R.
J Anderson s unforgettably original novel about a girl with synesthesia Knowing that, I didn t expect the two to be so closely connected, but imagine my joy when I realized how wrong I was Quicksilver is of a sequel a continuation of the same story told from a different perspective I struggled a bit at first because Anderson doesn t waste precious time on recaps, but I caught up fairly quickly and my emotional attachments were soon reestablished Tori s voice is radically different from Alison s For one, she doesn t have synesthesia so her narration is less colorful and far composed She is a very down to earth kind of person, which is perhaps an odd thing to say about an alien Tori is a very competent mechanic an This review may contain possible spoilers for UltravioletIf you were to ask me right now what word I think best describes Quicksilver, while trying to refrain from using the inevitable words such as amazing , mind blowing , or even the simple but very accurate OMG , the word I would choose would be intense And quite honestly, the fact that Quicksilver is as intense as it is is quite a feat given that there is not much action throughout most of the novel and not many fight scenes But I think the fact that there aren t many fight scenes or much action throughout Quicksilver is refreshing, and, like I mentioned earlier, quite a feat given how intense it is One of the best things about Quicksilver is that its intensity doesn t rely on action or fight scenes like most novels do Th In Her Hometown, Tori Beaugrand Had Everything A Teenaged Girl Could Want Popularity, Money, Beauty But She Also Had A Secret A Secret That Could Change Her Life In An Instant, Or Destroy ItNow She S Left Everything From Her Old Life Behind, Including Her Real Name And Alison, The One Friend Who Truly Understood Her She Can T Escape Who And What She Is But If She Wants To Have Anything á read é Quicksilver by R.
Anderson á Like A Normal Life, She Has To Blend In And Hide Her Unusual TalentsPlans Change When The Enigmatic Sebastian Faraday Reappears And Gives Tori Some Bad News She Hasn T Escaped Her Past In Fact, She S Attracted New Interest In The Form Of An Obsessed Ex Cop Turned Investigator For A Genetics LabShe Has One Last Shot At Getting Her Enemies Off Her Trail And Winning The Security And Independence She S Always Longed For But Saving Herself Will Take Every Ounce Of Tori S Incredible Electronics And Engineering Skills And Even Then, She May Need To Sacrifice Than She Could Possibly Imagine If She Wants To Be Free HOLY CRAP What a mindfuck of a book And what a crazily original heroine I can t even gather coherent thoughts at this point Review to come.
I ve been waiting for this book since the day I finished my first read of Ultraviolet aka 2011.
So I was like I finally bought it, and the day it arrived I was like this With a dash of this And then I met Milo and felt like this Anytime anyone anything needed wanted my attention I felt like this And then, close to the end, I was like this And I had to keep telling myself this And Tori was badass like this And I responded by going like this and this And I thought that Anderson did this with her duology And in the end, I felt like this, about the whole thing 4.
5 starsOkay, WOW I commission everyone to go out and read this series Because because because of reasons Awesome reasons.
Why is it that every time I finish a novel by R.
J Anderson, I can t find the right words to review it How can I possibly give someone a run down of a book with so many twists and turns and plain old fashion AWESOME I can do better than that Let me try this again.
Quicksilver had me flipping pages as fast as humanly possible from beginning to end If you are a sci fi fan and you haven t read Quicksliver s predecessor, Ultraviolet, then my question to you would be DUDE, what the hell are you waiting for Even though I thought Ultraviolet was slightly predictable, I enjoyed every minute of it Immediately after finishing the last page, I knew I needed a sequel So I waited and waited And when I saw Qui Æ Quicksilver à Tori Beaugrand and her family have fled the town where they have lived all Tori s life and are living with assumed names After her disappearance for three months, a sample of her blood found its way to people who very much want access to of it and a ruthless and implacable detective who desperately wants answers is happy to help them But in her new town and with her new life, everything comes crashing down when Sebastian Faraday reappears in her life with the news that Mathis still wants her back.
Tori Nikki is an interesting character Like Alison she has her own unusual elements, and an exploration of her story is necessarily an exploration of her identity issues She s also a technical genius and it s great to see positive representation of young females excelling in STEM fields.

This companion book to Ultraviolet is rather different in tone and to a certain degree content, diving completely into science fiction And yet, the human element how people connect and react is firmly at the forefront and what connects these two novels so well The narrative follows Tori Niki who is running for her life Her voice is in complete contrast to Alison s and reflects her character, someone who is down to earth, extremely focused and a whizz at engineering and mathematics After the events of the first novel, Tori and her family decide to disappear and start a new life in order to hide her from a ruthless group of people wanting to find out who and what she is Once , appearances are deceiving, and instead we have a girl excelling in technology and a boy going against cultural expectations.
Anderson again isn t afraid of going where many wouldn t In Ultraviolet, we had m I ll admit it I was scared to write this book Not because I didn t believe in the characters or the story, but because I knew it was going to challenge me in all kinds of new ways, and take me to places as an author and as a researcher that I d never been before I wanted it to be a satisfying follow up to ULTRAVIOLET, yet at the same time a quite different sort of story, and one that could be read and appreciated even by people who hadn t read the earlier novel And at times, the pressure to live up to my own expectations of what this book ought to be let alone worrying about everybody else s expectations drove me almost to despair.
But it was worth it Because the revisions are all done now, and with the help of my editors and critique group and fa 4 1 2You know all those young adult books that feature the stereotypical blonde, popular and bitchy high schooler And the movies with the same Usually there s a girl next door kind of heroine who is supposed to look so much better beside Ms Blonde Popular I know you all know what I m talking about Well, this is the book that kicks apart and destroys all those old stereotypes and brings to you the story of that popular girl everyone thinks they know but no one really does There are a whole bunch of secrets hiding behind that pretty face and Anderson expertly uses them to tell a story interwoven with the exploration of sexism, racism, sexuality and mental illness.
I was unsure about my feelings on the first book Ultraviolet and my enjoyment was occasi

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