What an AMAZING read I highly recommend everyone read it at least three times in their lifetime Even though I have never been a victim of sexual abuse, this book was so relatable and brought so much enlightenment to my eyes I went to read a few pages and before I knew it, I read 80 pages in the first sitting The author has a way of captivating the audience with such feelings as she relates the events that took place in her life and how they got her to the place she is at now No matter what you have been through in your life, Restoring Virtue is a book that will strengthen your testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ This is a book I will keep with me to be re read time and time again Wonderful wonderful book and testimony of the atonement I can t praise it enough.
Path To Healing Is As Unique As The Individual Who Seeks It Restoring Virtue Is A Message Of Hope For All This Deeply Personal And Honest Account Details How Emily Accessed The Atonement Of Jesus Christ As A Way To Recover From The Effects Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Even For Those Who Have Not Personally Experienced The Trauma Of Abuse, It Inspires A Thoughtful Examination Of One S Personal Relationship With God The Narrative Highlights ☆ read Restoring Virtue by Emily Hope ✓ Virtues Such As Honesty, Love, Forgiveness, And Service And Affirms It Is Possible To Achieve Happiness And Peace After Life S Darkest And Most Difficult Challenges Every Time Rain Clouds Hang On The Mountains And The Sun Shines From The West, A Full Arcing Double Rainbow Stretches Over My Backyard A Token Sign Of God S Promise Evidence That With The Perfect Combination Of Trials And Hope, A Testimony Is Born What a courageous young lady Applause for seeing the light and God for leading you to it.
Ö Restoring Virtue Ö This book is forthan just those who have been haunted by childhood abuse It s a story of growth and spiritual healing It s beautiful Intermixed with quotes from church leaders and scriptures plus Emilisms little truths Emily has come to know this book is an inspiration about how one woman overcame fear, guilt, and despair to find love, hope, and redemption through the Atonement of Jesus Christ A great book for anyone who struggles.
This is an incredible book that shows the author s struggles as she tried to overcome a childhood of sexual assault through the teachings of Jesus Christ Even though this is written specifically for victims of sexual abuse, it is a book that is helpful to anyone who struggles with pain or heartache This taught me so much about the Atonement and even though I haven t gone through what the author went through, much of what she said resonated with me and the things I ve gone through I definitely recommend this to anyone who is struggling with overcoming pain in their life and want to use the Savior s love and Atonement to do so.
The author explains the principles through her own experiences, but as she says in her book, pain is universal It doesn t really matter what we need healing from Christ is the answer.

A very deeply moving memoir that found interesting Good This book was ok.
it teach about the blood of Jesus and he did on the cross.
The book was just ok

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