Re read Review August 26 27, 2013When I finished my re read of this story, I had such a big grin on my face and felt so still about it, that I decided whatever rating I d given it before, I was going to bump it up oneCURSE YOU GOODREADS 5 stars is the highest I can go, officially, anyway But no one can stop me from giving it 6 stars on my own, right So here goes 6 ROCKIN RIGHTEOUS STARS And deserving of evenI had forgotten how much I adored Vance and Jules, so seeing them again was awesome But just as awesome was watching big things unfold for Darius and Shirleen, and I hope that one day Roam and Sniff will get their own stories, too Up next in my Rock Chick re read Luke and Ava Wooooot original Review Keepin it real, keepin it short keepin it real sh Has Got A Score To Settle Against The Drug Dealers Of Denver Vance Has Made It His Mission That Jules Won T Get Dead While Dishing Out Vigilante Justice Jules Doesn T Have Time For Romance, She S Too Busy Saving The World And She Enlists Zip The Gunstore Owner , Heavy An Ex PI And Frank A Mysterious Recluse To HelpThe Rock Chicks Of Fortnum S bookstore Get Involved To Provide Romantic Advice And Guidance, None Of Which Jules Trailer Ä Rock Chick Renegade (Rock Chick, #4) PDF by Í Kristen Ashley Accepts At First The Hot Bunch Of Nightingale Investigations Adopt Jules As One Of Their Own Even Though Jules Tries To Hang On To Her Inner Head Crackin Mamma Jamma, The Rock Chicks Hot Bunch Jules S Long Suffering Uncle Nick Jules S Friend The Rotund, African American, Jackie O Wannabe, May And Especially Vance Will Stop At Nothing To Wear Her DownBut Jules Makes Some Bad Guys Pretty Angry And One Is Dedicated To Taking Her Out Vance And The Hot Bunch Have To Pull Out All The Stops To Keep Her Alive At The Same Time, Jules And Vance Learn The True Meaning Of Home But Once They Find This Precious Entity They Ve Been Searching For All Their Lives, Will Jules S Enemies Tear It Away Vance said to Jules If someone like you, someone as unbelievably beautiful as you, as crazy and sweet as you, filled with attitude and courage with her heart in the right place, in a lot of right places even though her head normally isn t if someone like you shares her bed with me, then that says something about me 4.
5 stars Vance Ouray Crowe.
Now, isn t that a cool name Correction Isn t that a super badass and cool name Vance is looking like a Native American Warrior God Seriously, I d love to readstories about NA heroes These guys are hot Vance is another bossy, blunt, badass, macho man hero straight out of KA s magic box He s a recovering alcoholic and ex con Jules, Jules, Jules the head crackin mamma jamma.
She s a sweet woman but she s got a mouth on her and an attit 4.
5 Boo Stars D Jules is a social worker that does waythan is required of her job She takes protecting children very seriously and all she wants is assuring that they have a great future They re her kids Coming from a hard past where she lost all her family except for an uncle she connects very deeply with her kids so when she finds one of them dead, well, she wants to revenge his death and starts a vendetta against Denver s drug dealers Obviously, this puts her in trouble with a lot of bad men Not that she really cares During her crusade, she stumbles upon Nightingales men and friends, and after very heated discussions between all of them, they eventually take her under their wings treating her as onemember of the team.
And obviously the Rock Chicks welcom 4 5 stars Chick lit Contemporary Romance Romantic SuspenseThis is my favorite in the fun, ridiculously zany, wild ride Rock Chick series so far Vance is another yummy, KAmazing alpha hero, and he and Jules were smokin hot together I liked Jules and found her far less irritating than previous Rock Chicks, Indy, Jet, and Roxie, but she definitely had numerous aggravating moments Her inner Rottweiler, constant threats about breaking up with Vance, and routinely bragging about being such a kickass The Law mamma jamma were really annoying As far as I m concerned, Vance has the patience of a saint.
The love triangle went a bit too far for my taste, so I m knocking off half a star for that and some Jules irritation Otherwise, it s a highly entertaining read with some emotional moments that made me tear up a few times 4 5 star ì Rock Chick Renegade (Rock Chick, #4) ì 3.
5 stars I have a lot of mixed feelings on this one For the most part, I liked it But when I sat back and thought about the book, some things were off Vance really came across as very creepy to me in the beginning This is my 41st book I ve read by Ashley so I understand her alpha males, but breaking into someone s house and crawling into bed with them while they sleep after only talking once was WAY too big of a leap for me He got better the second half of the book, but his actions after that were also way too fast.
What I loved about this book was Jules, she was a kick butt heroine who literally went after drug dealers, pranking them and well kicking butt She had some issues, but it wouldn t be a KA novel if the heroine or hero didn t so it worked very well This is a fast and fun read, not my favorite by

A 4 star rating when I hate these alpha men forcing women into relationships with them Why, Jilly Well, I just said to myself that I could A Stop reading them and leave behind all of the funny characters and crazy antics, or B get over it they are fictional men and I like all of the funny characters and crazy antics I chose B because funny I would probably sell my first born to someone who could make me laugh She knows this and is fine with it The therapy helped On the other hand, if these men were real I would feel compelled to go to Denver and either kick their asses, or find myself a son in law for me and my daughter, cuz lord knows she s not getting any younger and I want grandchildren someday Again, I drive her to therapy, then we go to lunch It s fun So, in this book, we have Jules, also known as Law She is a social worker who lost on 3ishHome STARSSo this is the hard part about reading a book that is a favorite to so many of your closest friends Unpopular Opinion Warning I didn t like this one I hope we can still be friends Juls Law Lawler is a social worker who has recently taken to the streets of Denver to deliver her own form of vigilante justice Juls is protecting the kids that she works with at the shelter against Denver s drug world Sounds very cool rightShe s a badass motherfuckeress She d kick your ass soon as look at you You ve clapped your eyes on The Law Count yourself lucky, sucker Now, what ll it fuckin beI love a kick ass heroine, however this one, until recently has been living under a rock or I swear was in fact truly born yesterday Not one damn friend or boyfriend ever I m to believe that this heroine has sat in her room after work for 13 year 5 Law stars Jules is a social worker by day, and a vigilante by night She has a score to settle with the drug dealers of Denver She s willing to do whatever it takes to clean up the streets she won t see what happened to Park happen to any of her other kids All Jules has in the world is her Uncle Nick, her kids, and a strange batch of friends that includes Zip, Heavy, and Frank The friends she made when she started training After a while cleaning up the streets, she gets the nick name of The Law Vance Crowe is another member of the Hot Bunch A sexy alpha male bad ass who works for Lee Nightingale Vance is of Native American decent His past is much like a lot of the kids that Jules works with He immediately respects her for what she s trying to do, but when their paths cross, h

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