Hot rocker check Along with very hot band mates check A good girl turned bad check And last but not least some ultra steamy scenes between the hot rocker and good girl gone bad double check.
This book was a one day read for me because I couldn t wait to see if Syon would be able to get Kate to crack and give in to her desires leaving business aside And what a business she had she was a costume designer who dealt with making leather pants for the hot rock band Toxsin Syon was the lead singer guitarist who had wardrobe problems with his leather pants not fitting him throughout their concerts And what was that problem you may ask well let s just say that he did not have enough growing room which he required throughout his concerts So in comes Kate to the rescue who happens to be one of the best leather designers around I honestly had a hard time getting into this book Kate makes custom leather costumes Syon is a rock star who needs custom leather costumes When Syon first sees Kate, he s immediately attracted to her and convinces her to come on tour with them and make their costumes This book had an insane case of insta lust and, as with most books where this happens, I had a hard time connecting to the characters and their attraction to each other Kate started to annoy me pretty quickly with her judgemental views and goody goody attitude I was frustrated with her constant insults towards these guys and the two of them together annoyed the fuck out of me Kate was in constant battle with herself, one minute pushing Syon away and the next falling into his arms and then back to pushing him away and insulting him again And then the author saved it The moment First Book In The Popular Rock Band SeriesA Partnership With The Hottest New Rock Band, Toxsin, Is A Major Opportunity For Kate S Small Custom Leather Shop, But She S Determined To Resist Her Burning Attraction To The Lead Guitarist, Syon Braden Sex Is A Commodity In His World, And That S Just Not Enough For Her Or So She Thought With The Multi Platinum Success Of His Band, Syon ¿ read Û Rock Me Two Times by Dawn Ryder Û Thought He Had Everything He D Ever Wanted And Then He Met Kate He Knows That Sleeping With Her Could Distract Him From His Music And Even Interfere With His Close Bandmate Friendships, But Despite All This, Syon Just Can T Seem To Keep His Mind Or Hands Off Of Her Rock Band Series BookRock Me Two TimesBookRock Steady Kate has a growing custom leather shop which she and her best friend have started When Kate is called in to help out with some wardrobe issues with the band Toxsin, she catches the lead guitarist, Syon, eye.
Syon decides he s going to have Kate and will do what it takes to make that happen Through some fancy finagling, Syon highers Kate to travel with the band on tour to keep them in costumeswhile he can get her into his bed.
As their feelings begin to grow, the rockers life style takes a toll on their relationship But worse, someone has it out for Kate and as the tour progresses incidents happen that could not only ruin a budding relationship but destroy her career Rock Me Two Times has a great base story that is kind of buried by lots of erotic and Leigh s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3.
5 starsIf I m being honest, I m not sure if I was a rabid fan of this book It was interesting, the characters hadto them than first met the eye, I liked the ballsy ness of the heroine, the rock god status of the hero, and I would enjoy getting to see what happens with other band members But I just felt a disconnect throughout the story that kept me from truly loving it.
Kate had me humming Elton John s Tiny Dancer LA Lady, seamstress for the band Being called on to remedy a leather wardrobe malfunction and supply Toxsin lead singer Syon Braden with pants that fit the apparently large package that appeared when he sang no, I m not kidding here , Kate is soon hired as the band s leather seamstress But despite her hard and fast rule that she will not date musicians, she finds herself quickly falling for Syon.
For his part, Syon was se FREE ontoday 9 4 2019 ☆ Rock Me Two Times Å Rock Me Two Times was an overall enjoyable read I thought the characters were interesting enough, even if I did hate the hero s name and kept replacing it with Simon instead Don t ask, it s just something I do I liked that Kate wasn t a push over when it came to following her rules But all it took, was one sexy rock star to make her change her mind and all her preconceived notions along the way as well I don t blame her one bit though Syon, on the other hand, was a delicious package of dominant, sexy goodness with a head for business that separated him from any other rock star type I ve read Perhaps it was his military background that gave him that extra edge I don t know, but it worked for me I also found it too funny that the author compared him to the Goblin King in Labyrinth Now all I can think of is Syon in Lycra blue pants

I swear this one took me on a roller coaster of a ride There were parts that I loved and parts that almost had me chucking my Kindle, and phone, against the wall Almost But in the end despite some issues I had I couldn t put the damn thing down I was at work doing the whole furtive glances around my monitor thing while being sneaky and reading on my phone Thank GOD for smart phones and reading apps That s how invested I was in this book and the characters that inhabit it There is quite a bit of sex, it is erotic romance after all, but there are some also some really interesting characters, and relationships between the characters, that balance it out.
Kate s profession as a custom leatherwear creator was w 5 love, sex, and rock and roll stars for Rock Me Two Times Kate s a great heroine who stuck to her guns and didn t put up with anyone s crap Syon s a fun hero who has a good heart and a wicked smile The two together are entertaining and show that it is possible for a rock star to fall in love with someone other than a model Kate is dedicated to her craft and she s pretty fabulous at what she does She s worked hard to get to where she is and designing leather outfits and making them is what makes her happiest She knows it is best to stay away from sexy, cocky rock stars but Syon doesn t leave her alone Deep down Kate can t deny she s attracted to him Syon s into having the best of everything and Kate s the best in the business when it comes to Kate is a custom leather maker that lives for her work She gets called in and flown to Toxsin s concert so that she can work on the lead guitarist s leather pants Syon is used to getting whatever he wants, and that includes girls, so when Kate get s up close and personal with his man region, he thinks he has her He never expected she would turn him down and walk away without a backward glance Not one to give up, Syon track Kate down and hires her to come on the road with his band to work on their outfits whenever they need new ones Kate doesn t do rockstars or famous people, but Syon is relentless in his pursuit of her and she s losing her willpower to say no.
First half The beginning of this book wasn t going well for me at all I was getting really frustrated with the characters and the unnecessary drama that kept popping up Kate was givin

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