Weir Sets Forth A Concept Of Identity Which Depends On An Acceptance Of Nonidentity, Difference, And Connection To Others, Defined As A Capacity To Participate In A Social World Weir Argues That The Equation Of Identity With Repression And Domination Links Relational Feminists Like Nancy Chodorow, Who Equate Self Identity With The Repression Of Connection To Others, And Poststructuralist Feminists Like Judith Butler, Who View Any Identity As A Repression Of Nonidentity Or Difference Weir Traces This Conception Of Identity As Domination Back To Simone De Beauvoir ¶ read Á Sacrificial Logics: Feminist Theory and the Critique of Identity (Thinking Gender) by Alison Weir ✓ S Theories Of The Relation Of Self And Other

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