The Wilds Of The Wyoming Territory For Her Outlaw Brother, Rebecca Veach Is Captured By The One Man Who Fulfilled Her Heart S Desires But Could She Give Herself To Blazing Eagle Without Telling Him About Her Shameful Quest He Wants Her From The Moment He Sees Her, But Haunted By Painful Memories, Blazing Eagle Pulls õ Savage Secrets (Savage, #3) ↠´ Download by ↠´ Cassie Edwards Away I really enjoyed this book and the other in the savage series, I recommend it for a great read Savage Secrets (Savage, #3) ☆ Loved the story line Characters where well put together I did find the sex scenes to be alittle repetitive And in other places alittle awkward But all in all looking past it all I loved it.
One would think that with the sheer volume of books that Cassie Edwards published, she would learn a thing or two along the way In this story, yet another beautiful white woman is kidnapped by yet another chief The dialogue is again stilted and awkward in some parts, and ellipses are abused There are also a few awkward descriptions in the sex scenes, and since there s so many of them across the Savage books, they get so repetitive that I actually find myself skimming across them because the same thing always happens, they experience great passion, etc etc.
The ending was rather unrealistic with Rebecca Veach s mother It was just basically a deux es machina to wrap up the story At the back of the book is a picture of Snow Deer, Ms Edwards great grandmother In the picture, Snow Deer is fat and rather unhappy looking This book is

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