Review What a fabulous festive novella I love the Poldore novels by Scarlett Bailey and I was so pleased when I found out that there would be a festive novella this year I think people expect this lovely author to come out with some at Christmas and so we were all a bit worried when she brought something out in the summer but here we are being spoilt because we have Scarlett in the summer and Scarlett for Christmas too If you love the Poldore novels already out there by Scarlet Bailey, you will definitely love this one I wound t recommended reading this one if you intend on reading the others first and haven t already done so, this will definitely contain spoilers for you The other novels are equally as fabulous though and so you re going to want to read those anyway The charac This review was originally posted on Star Crossed Reviews I have previously read the first book in the Poldore Series Just for Christmas a few years ago and I love Scarlett s writing.
Sue is always at the heart of the village She makes sure that everything runs smoothly for all the local community events Sue sees her self as the bossy villager that no one likes She couldn t bewrong Everyone loves her.
Sue is having marital problems and may need to move out of her ancestral home in the new year but for now she must focus on the final task of the yearfinding a Santa for the children.
This is a lovely christmassy story It was great to see Alex and Ruan again and I m now dying to read Two Weddings and a Baby to have the full story If you need that Christmas magic then Scarlett has it right here in this book.
Self Confessed Christmas Queen, Sue Montaigne Prides Herself On Organising The Annual Nativity Pageant In Her Small Cornish Village Of PoldoreBut This Year, What With Having To Deal With The Repairs On Castle House After It Was Wrecked By A Terrible Storm, Training A New And Frankly Flighty Virgin Mary And Managing A Joseph Who Is Allergic To Sheep, She Is Distinctly Lacking A Little Bit Of Me TimeAnd Then There Are The Auditions For The New Santa But Nothing Prepares Her For The Beautiful Man [ read Online Secret Santa µ moscow PDF ] by Scarlett Bailey à Who Turns Up, A Twinkle In His Eye And A Promise To Make Her Christmas Dreams Come True What a special short story We rejoin the folk of Poldore which was a lovely surprise Sue is devastated when Santa retires and she has to audition for the perfect replacement She approaches a local Hollywood star to ask if he ll come along to help audition so thatof the locals will volunteer.
She s going to make the grotto at her family home and we get swept up in the preparations and the magical place they create She also finds a very special Santa who is very secretive Is he the real Santa Claus, could he be based closer to home We have everything here a lovely sense of community, everyone pulling together to help Sue through a very difficult patch, a touch of magic and romance and the pure Christmas sparkle that Scarlett provides for the reader Definately one to add to your Christmas list.
Many thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this one.
î Secret Santa º A little bit of Christmas magic to finish the series A little far fetched but enjoyable tale, finalising the poldore series Amusing in places, it was good to see a littledepth to the character of Sue It was too short a novella rather than a book 4 but should be read after books 1 and 2 in the series.
Had me grinning from ear to ear Such a lovely festive read.
Oh, Scarlett Bailey, the Queen of Christmas, is back with her new short story Secret Santa It s such a shame that it s only a short story, as it is about Poldore, and I can t have enough of Poldore and its residents But, okay, no Christmas would be Christmas without a book from Scarlett, no matter if full length novel or a short story, and as Secret Santa has left me with a smile on my lips, then I guess I couldn t ask for .
This time Scarlett concentrates on Sue Montaigne Sue, that always has everything under control, this time feels that she s losing her grip their Santa has just retired and she s looking for a new one, but it s not so easy she s of course the one organising the nativity pageant, and it takes time Rory has gone AWOL again and is not answering his phone the roof of the castle is leaking and there is no money to repair it a Hollywood star takes her for dinner Oh my, h

originally reviewed for Bookaholic Confessions In Secret Santa we return to one of my favourite settings ever Poldore If you ve read any of Scarlett Bailey s previous novels then you ll already be familiar with this beautiful village and its array of residents This time the story focuses on the ever in control Sue Montaigne only it appears this Christmas she s not as in control of everything as she would like Castle House is falling apart and Sue has no idea where she s going to find the money for the necessary repairs, her husband Rory has upped and left her and the children for another woman, and to top it all Poldore s regular Santa Claus, Jargo, has decided to retire, leaving Sue with very little time to find a replacement for the annual nativity pageant However, when Sue plucks up the courage to ask Poldore s very own movie star, Blake Fletcher I m sat here typing and humming Santa Claus is coming to town thanks to Scarlett Bailey and Secret Santa This novella is a fun festive read with some romance that I really enjoyed We meet Sue, the village do er in the build up to Christmas Sue is the centre of village life and is taking the lead on organising all the village festivities When we meet her she is desperately trying to convince one of the locals to don his Santa suit for the annual Christmas pageant and grotto.
without much success Sue seems to operate on one speed.
full throttle I was exhausted thinking about her juggling her big house, children, and being centre of the community But I also recognised that I like to be just as busy and thrive on it We soon find out that Sue s husband Rory has left her after yet another affair, but she is trying to kee I ve made no secret of how much I ve loved Scarlett Bailey s previous Poldore novels I m sure you ll have seen my reviews of Just For Christmas and Two Weddings And A Baby, and I think I could now find my way blindfold from The Silent Man to Castle House and this Kindle only novella was a lovely opportunity to visit old friends again Sue Montaigne has always been one of my favourite characters, the powerhouse behind the annual Christmas pageant, the saviour of Poldore during the flood, the supreme organiser paddling furiously beneath the surface to keep her family life together It was lovely to get to know her better, and to see her experiencing a little Christmas joy and romance in her life The mysterious Nick who takes on the role of Father Christmas is

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