Volume Contains Short Stories, Essays And Commentaries To Illuminate The Craft Of Storytelling Analyzing Various Aspects Of Writing Character, Plot, Sources And Inspiration, Retelling And Biography This Collection Is Suitable For Those Who Loves Great Stories And Wants To Know About The Art Of Telling [Michael Morpurgo] Õ Singing for Mrs Pettigrew: A Story-maker's Journey [fat-acceptance PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ê Tales I found Michael Morpurgo late in life, but I am so glad I found him Brings me right back to my childhood, the types of stories I loved to read.
This is a book I have the utmost difficulty in returning to my local library It s tempting for it to mysteriously disappear, MIA, on my own bookshelves sigh I guess I m just going to have to find a copy somewhere to buy It s a collection of Michael Morpurgo s short stories, many of which I had read before However the prose interspersions which reflect on the writer s craft, inspiration and life are, for me, even better The stories about the stories are enriching, enhancing and thoroughly enchanting I remember hearing Morpurgo speak at a conference several years ago where he said that, although it sounds pathetic, until he got the right name for his character, he could hardly write a thing Although I d liked his work before that, the fellow feeling of needing to find a character s right n This book is supposed to be an autobiography with helpful writing hints, but in my opinion it isn t much of an autobiography a quick internet search provides most of the fact that the book contains and has very little information in it about writing.
It is however a lovely book, full of short stories linked by some background by Morpurgo, stories mostly based on things that Morpurgo did, or areas he visited There is a change in font size to show the difference between Morpurgo s commentary and a story, but even so I was sometimes a little confused about which I was reading I was also never sure, as it was not stated, how much of any story that seemed as it might be autobiographical actually was.
Of course I am only too aware that my memories do not always match those of my family, so, however honestly told an autobiogrpahy must contain elements of fiction Thi Î Singing for Mrs Pettigrew: A Story-maker's Journey ↠´ Interest level 6th Reading level mediumGenre autobiography, short stories, fiction, adventureThis is very much a collection of short stories as well as an autobiography of Michael Morpurgo, author of some of my favorite books such as Private Peaceful , The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips , Kensuke s Kingdom , War Horse and, recently, Alone on the Wide, Wide, Sea Although an autobiography, the book reads like a novel even the parts that Morpurgo writes about himself He uses two font sizes to distinguish the two a smaller font for information about himself, a larger font for his stories So, in effect, you could read either or both, but I would recommend the book in its entirety What s so nice about this book is that it is very personal you really get a chance to enter the mind of a great author before actually reading his stories Morpurgo explains the background of each story before This is an interesting book contains a few short stories and the writers own experience Michael Morpurgo for me does have a broad view about the world and his stories do touch my heart His stories creates tears, creates fear, make me laugh and do have the soul in it He writes the stories with simple words but it is written beautifully and smart Few stories that really stick in my head are The Giant s Necklace I believe in Unicorns The Mozart question and many.
The best part of his book is it bring us inside the story I am moves together with the stories The Giant s necklace make me scared at the middle of the story then I am crying at the end of it when the girl know and understand that she is a ghost and cannot speak to her mother I can say that the story does have some kind of similarity with the sixth sense but A very treasured copy Signed by the Author when i met Michael Morpurgo at my hometown book Fair.
This is one of my favourite Morpurgo books and I love this edition The cover is amazing The short stories throughout are brilliantly written and quite moving Not Just a book for children, adults can easily enjoy this too.
A very interesting story collection For several stories there is introduction by the author Though the book will be suitable to the middle school level to enjoy the book , I am sure though who enjoy good stories like this book as well One can take the journey though War, human relationships and the a writer s world, so go for this.
Most touching story The Mozart Question.
Short story collections seem a good idea for busy people This book stands out from others on my shelves as the author, Michael Morpurgo shares the genesis of his stories, indeed, his writing journey His raison d tre I am a grower of stories I farm them as surely as a farmer does his corn he writes I so relate to images of earth, seasons and plants Morpurgo thrives on, relates to the sea, as I do Many stories derive from his love of Robert Louis Stevenson s books like Treasure Island, and to his holidays on the Scilly Isles half a man the giant s necklace.
The stories begin with the whimsical, warm and fuzzy, meeting cezanne then once we readers are chortling sympathetically at amusing anecdotes of my one and only great escape he hits hard with the dire experiences war inflicts on men, women and children and horses the Mozart question what does it feel like for Carlos, a letter from your I loved this book It wove seamlessly between the author s reflections and his stories All with a depth of feeling, joy for life, and recognition of difficult passages even children go through I am ready to read of his stories, and was encouraged in writing by his thoughts Lovely, simple, profound.

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