This book would normally represent everything I hate trite, cliched, mindless fiction, aimed solely at women and their issues This book did suffer from that, not going to lie, the plot is pretty laughably transparent and some of the stereotyping is truly amazing, but despite all those things I enjoyed this book for one reason and one reason only I did not realise it was written in 1998 and it brought back so many memories of my early days on the internet So many things made me take a wander through my nostalgic memories So for that reason only I liked it.
I started out really liking this book Victoria was a funny, normal woman Not some airhead who acted like a character from some G rated Christian women s film Then, when we got into all the stuff with Pierre, it was like she became a hysterical self righteous psycho Still, it was better than most of the stuff I ve read lately.
Night Is A Nightmare When You Re Single Saturday Night Is For Couples And Everyone Knows ItVictoria Total Bloody Relationships Disaster Shepworth Is Single And Knows All About Saturday Nights Alone A Broken Relationship With The Guy She Thought Was The One Has Led To A String Of Disastrous Dates Now She S Fed Up With Being On Her Own And Is Once Again In Search Of The Man Of Her Dreams But Life Begins To Look Decidedly Interesting When She Becomes Involved In An Internet Ë Single White E-mail ☆ Download by à Jessica Adams Romance With Glamorous Frenchman, Pierre Dubois Little Does She Know He Could Be Closer Than She Thinks Victoria is the usual thirty something with a number of failed relationships behind her but supported is by the obligatory lesbian friends When she s given a computer for her birthday she discovers the wonders of the internet soon she s having a e mail relationship with Pierre, who s an Englishman living in Paris or is he you d have to be pretty thick not work out who Pierre is On the whole it s enjoyable chick lit but nothing out of the ordinary It s got a very 90 s feel to it but as it was published in 1999 I guess it would have.
Easy to read book for in between the heavier ones Romantic life in the days before mobile phones existed Every girl will no doubt relate to some of this book.
AsC l ã Single White E-mail ¼ This was not a bad book, and it kept me entertained for a couple of hours, but I don t believe it s a book I would read again or recommend to a friend.
To be honest, it was rather difficult for me to even get past the first chapter At the start of the book, main character Victoria Shepworth is wallowing in self pity after a break up Now, I m not quite as old as Victoria so I don t know if I would have the same reaction as her to a break up at the age of 30, but I felt her internal monologue which took up a good 40 pages of the 400 page book wasreminiscent of a 13 year old than a 30 year old This was quite frustrating, particularly as she only really seems to evolve from this mindset in the last few dozen pages.
I felt the premise was interesting, however a single 30 year old who turns to the internet wh

Een doorsnee chicklit verhaal, zul je denken wel dat is het natuurlijk ook, al speelt het zich af in wijlen de jaren negentig, toen de computer en het internet een log, onbekend en daarom mysterieus en bovendien compleet overbodig attribuut was Victoria schetst haar leven met de nodige humor doorspekt met zelfmedelijden en de wanhoop eigen aan een werkloze, single dertiger zonder toekomstperspectieven Anders dan bij de huidige doorsnee chicklit verhaaltjes waar boy meets girl gevolgd wordt door boy screws up and gets dumped by girl en afgesloten wordt met een happy end la girl beseft dat boy the one is en springt terug in zijn armen, eindigt dit boek vrij open, met voldoende ruimte voor je eigen fantasie afloop.
Lezen I like the look of this cover, with the catchy title of the book that caught my eye whilst browsing the shelfs of my local library As you can see it shows us a picture of the Eifel Tower on the front cover which I loved I loved the story plot, and the charachters which gripped me from the first page The story is set in the 90s, which I personally think its a great way to think back about relationships back in the 90s before computers and mobile phones were out In this modern day life your now able to text, phone,e mail I love how Jessica Adams has put a clever touch to the story which leaves you comforted by the idea that you re not the only one and there s someone who seems to be handling it much worse.
Adams writing style is informal but very readable, this book had me laughing all the way through it I can t wait to I wanted to like thisI should have liked thisThis had all of the elements that appeal to me at the moment 30, single, sad about it, career going nowhere hey she wrote all about me This book was written in the 90s with the rise of the internet It brought me back to that time when it was exciting to talk to people you never would have ever met before the internet existed But it just didn t do it for me There were times I had to force myself to pick up the book to finish it thank you reading challenge I am surprised this book was in the top 100 chick lit books of all time, but then again I m one of the only chick lit fans who didn t like Bridget Jones So take my reviews with a grain of salt I just didn t care for this one, but I didn t out and out hate it.

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