Jake s Review Um Mom, this is like a girls book, do I really have to read it Come on Jake, just try a few pages and tell me what you think 1 hour later Mom this is pretty good for a girls book, but I hope I never have to wear braces It doesn t sound like its much fun and btw girls are gross The pictures are very funny and I like that she plays video games I didn t like the drawings of when she broke her teeth because there was too much blood ICKY I don t think my friends would like this book because they are boys and boys don t like to read girls stuff Also I think this book is for older kids because they are talking about liking boys and other icky girls stuff I don t like that her friends made fun of her for having braces You shouldnt tease people Mom s note, he said this 1 hour after teasing his 17 mth old brother its just not nice I like the authors drawing a SmileSmile is a comic book by Raina Telgemeier that is funny, sad, touching and very moving about a girl named Raina who just wants to fit in like everyone else and be a normal sixth grader But one night, after her girl scout meeting, she trips an falls This causes her two front teeth to be seriously injured This only gets worse when it leads problems one after another Raina is constantly getting her Braces taken on and off of her again, she get s surgery, a retainer with fake teeth attached, and just when you think that it couldn t get any worse she is forced to wear extremely embarrassing headgear While she has to deal with her dental problems, she has manythings to worry about, a major earthquake, boys, and friends who eventually turn out to be not so nice Smile is a memoir graphic novel that centers around Telgemeier s traumatic orthodontic experience Although this book has been making the popularity rounds on YouTube and in other YA circles, it didn t really appeal to me until a booktuber I follow, who isn t a reader of YA books, mentioned a few things that piqued my interest Coupled with the fact that I myself have been experiencing a dental nightmare since November, I figured I was primed to appreciate this book.
First things first, you don t really need to know too much about the plot, because it really will ruin it for you Trust me Here are a few things that may motivate you to give this book a second glance 1 Don t be fooled by the bright red Scholastic imprint on the cover This is book that will appeal to people of all ages In fact, it s kinda like Shrek Anyone A great read I enjoyed the story and wow, I had no idea that orthodontists could move teeth that dramatically I mean this girl really went through a lot with her teeth She knocked out her front two teeth She went through some hell here.
This is a great coming of age story with great colors and fun art The story was fun and fast and honest I will readof these books.
ò Smile Ò Braces sucked From sixth through the beginning of eighth grade, I wore braces Not brackets, but bands On every tooth Errant wires carved totems of the soft tissue at the back of my jaw sacred designs that I m sure exist there to this day My Smiles looked of cold steel My jaw hurt from aggressive application of rubber bands And my teeth would not get clean At the end of those two years, I had the perfect Smile or at least the perfect teeth with which to perform that kind of Smile had I known how to do such a thing in eighth grade A quarter century later and I still have the physical tools with which to enact the perfect Smile as well as something of the social gearwork to make my attempts less ghastly Braces, for me, worked their magic And I m still not sure it was worth it.
Still, regardless of how difficult my own experience was, those pains, m

Just like her other book I read last year, Sisters, Smile is a sparkling and engaging graphic novel that s aimed at a younger audience, but manages to be entertaining for adults also At least it was for me The story centers around Raina s traumatic dental experiences when she was a young teenager, and the most satisfactory part of the book was when she finally opposed her friends who teased her one too many times The book Sisters made me Smilethan Smile though.
One of my worst nightmares is breaking or losing my teeth I had braces for years, and had the orthodontist accidentally crack one of my teeth when he was polishing them up after I got my braces off It haunts me to this day Raina tells the story of her own dental trauma drama with this delightfully drawn graphic novel that lays bare not only the horror of dealing with the braces, the fake teeth, the retainers after her accident, but also frankly reveals her awkwardness, loneliness, and nerdiness in jr high and beginning high school The changes of puberty Having crushes on boys who never look at you, while accidentally offending nice boys who do like you Mean friends, good friends, and unexpected friends, it s all here This is a wonderful book 2018 My daughter, Baby Girl, got this for her ninth birthday a few months ago Yesterday I asked h This book was very cute I had braces for seven years so could I relate to the protagonist s dental woes Yes Was I necessarily engaged while reading No I give this book credit where credit is due, I m sure to a younger audience, perhaps going through what Raina was to one extent or another would enjoy the bookthan I did I expectfrom the books I read, especially graphic novels, than what was presented here I found it very basic As a reader, I wasn t hugely impressed There was no complexity I could see what was coming and apart from occasionally getting upset with her friends I did not get emotionally involved It was a quick read and it was over before I really noticed but not in the way that completely engrosses you as a reader, just that the story was so much like a glorified comic strip it flew by.
As a teacher, I would probably have this in my Poet Ogden Nash said, Some tortures are physical And some are mental, But the one that is both Is dental Graphic Novelist Raina Talgemeier knows this all too well she is the Odysseus of modern dentistry The author tells of her own particular journey of adolescent woe which came in the form of a seemingly endless tangle of dentists, endontists, periodontists, orthodonists, with their promises to perfect her not so pearly whites.
In sixth grade Tanglemeier got braces to fix a run of the mill overbite Then, while horsing around with her friends, she fell, and knocked out her two front teeth This one misstep plunged her into a four year ordeal of painful procedures, torturous surgeries, not to mention a perpetually changing appearance at a time when every kid is having a crisis of confidence As if puberty isn t traumatic enou Just Wants To Be A Normal Sixth Grader But One Night After Girl Scouts She Trips And Falls, Severely Injuring Her Two Front Teeth, And What Follows Is A Long And Frustrating Journey With On Again, Off Again Braces, Surgery, Embarrassing Headgear, And Even A Retainer With Fake Teeth Attached And On Top Of All That, There S Still To Deal With A Major Earthquake, Boy Confusion, And Friends Who Turn Out To Be Not So Friendly This Coming Of Age True Story Is Sure To Resonate Download Epub Format é Smile PDF by ë Raina Telgemeier With Anyone Who Has Ever Been In Middle School, And Especially Those Who Have Ever Had A Bit Of Their Own Dental Drama

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