loved all 3 books Great story all was well written and all the details were well explained I can t wait to readstories by this excellent story teller.
Even though I m older this stories captured my imagination because of all the details thank you for your imagination.
Great read.
The Citizens Of The People S Republic Of Virginia, Their Last Hope Of Freedom Has Faded With Their Spirits The Eternal Rains Continue To Fall Tired, Hungry, And Soaked To Fragile Bones, There S Nothing Left To Do But March Toward The Only Fate They Have Left A Life In SlaveryBut Not If Caroline Can Help It She S Out Of Options, But Giving Up Was Never One Of ThemFacing Overwhelming New Challenges And Old [ read Online Spirit (Warchild, #3) ç silhouette PDF ] by Ernie Lindsey ç Enemies, Caroline Soon Learns That Even When The Bullets Stop Flying, The War Is Never Over Caroline Mathers is no longer a Kinder, robbed of her powers by one she trusted Her people have been taken and are being driven north for a life of slavery With the group of Republicons, she trails them, looking for a way to free them.
Not that easy though.
Author Ernie Lindsey moves us through his future world with a sure hand, throwing twists sneakily into the story.
Another winner Ñ Spirit (Warchild, #3) é Amazing storyA great story written by a great story teller Reminds me of the societal under tones of JRR Tolkien The ending seemed to short but I m hoping it leads to another book Can t wait to readby Ernie Lindsey Great readsI bought the first book of this trilogy some time ago but didn t get around to it until now I read all three in successive days, I had a hard time putting them down I will certainly be looking for anything else written by Mr Lindsey with great anticipation.
Great seriesI decided to finish the series before posting a review I loved the books Great story telling had my attention thru every book Hope there is another book or three.

Creative writerHard to put down I really enjoyed this series Creative writer Characters easy to follow and hated for it to end.
This was a pretty good series Anyadventuresto come 1.
5 StarsIs this it, are we done Because it doesn t seem like it is you know, since the ending was so awful The entire three part series culminated in a 20 page ending and left much to be desired It was almost as if the author ran out of ideas and desire to finish the story and was like, well let s just have there be a giant fight ending with view spoiler the abrupt death of Finn by having Tanner shoot him repeatedly, even though he s the DAVs biggest asset hide spoiler

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