This new fantasy novel had me in a twitter before I sat down to read it I expected a steampunk fantasy tome, and if I m really honest with myself, I always want to like steampunkthan I ever truly do.
In fact, I almost pre judged this one based on my lackluster experiences.
Good news This is anything but lackluster Now, I don t even know what I was worried about We ve got solid characters butting heads with each other across battle lines of prejudice, class, and logic We ve got airships tightly tied to a complicated and well thought out magic system that is also part and parcel of the prejudice We ve got good adventure.
I m absolutely going to be keeping my eye out for the rest of these books I m nothing if not very impressed by this debut I especially loved how a few characters kept falling out of their comfort zones wit 3.
5 stars The characters are definitely the highlight in this book, and almost outshine the actual story The worldbuilding is a really creative desert steampunk that felt completely different.

This was an interesting fantasy that had a bit of action, intrigue, mystery, and humor It also had an interesting bunch of characters and a pretty cool fantasy world The nature of the magic gave this fantasy world a weird steampunk feel The action took place in the desert oasis city of Aransa The city is mining colony on the edges of the Empire The thing mined is the magical substance Selium Sel is the source that powers a lot of the Empire s economy It is a lighter than air gas that Sel sensitives can manipulate It even powers air ships The Empire keeps tight control of all sources of Sel and Sel sensitivs are put to work extracting the stuff from the mines Those powerful Sel sensitives, considered devi With a promise of fantasy con artists, a desert oasis, an exiled commodore, a murderous doppel, and a stolen airship, I knew I had to give Steal the Sky a read It sounded like a lot of fun, and that was exactly what I wanted to kick off the new year I am pleased to say that Megan E O Keefe delivers on that fun, and does so with a great degree of characterization and world building than I expected.
The city of Asana, it is one of theimaginative places I ve come across in fantasy Here is a port town situated in the middle of an inhospitable, inaccessible desert oasis Cut off from the rest of the world by the sands of the Scorched Earth, it s also separated from the selium mines by the volcanic glass of the Black Wash It s a place ripe for intrigue, and its role in the politics of the world is almost diame ä Steal the Sky (The Scorched Continent, #1) ☆ The only thing stranger than making a deal with the Watch Captain of Aransa to steal the best ship in the realm is finding out you may have just made the deal with a doppelganger Detan Honding wasn t planning an extended stay in Aransa As a gifted selium sensitive, he tries his best to stay out of mining towns where selium is all too temptingly within reach However, after waking up with a burlap sack over his face and wheedling his way out of trouble by playing the watch captain off against her greatest rival, he realizes he ll be lucky to get out with his skin intact A doppelganger a person who is not only sensitive to selium but can cast illusions with it is on a murderous rampage, the Warden of Aransa is the doppel s latest vi This book is an absolute blast It mixes up magic and steampunk shenanigans in the style of Firefly Detan is a lovable rogue with snarky wit and a huge secret The world building here is phenomenal It s steampunk as far as airships and factory technology, but there s almost an old west feel to it all adding to the Firefly vibe The magic is fascinating, too the manipulation of a mined substance that is lighter than air and grants airships loft but can also be used by especially adept practitioners to mask their features and become doppelgangers STEAL THE SKY is out on January 5th from Angry Robot It s well worth the pre order.
5 stars.
Steal the Sky was an entertaining Fantasy caper featuring two likeable rogues in Detan and Tibs All the characters were engaging the villains were suitably villainous and our heroes were reluctantly er well heroic A good series for fans of Locke Lamora to indulge in while we wait for The Thorn of Emberlain to come out If it ever does Recommended and I ll certainly be readingby Megan E O Keefe.
The story has great characters and witty dialog The story itself I thought was kind of weak The character names were confusing and were hard for me to follow.
The audiobook is well done.
I m not sure if I will read the next book in the series.
Honding, A Wanted Conman Of Noble Birth And Ignoble Tongue, Has Found Himself In The Oasis City Of Aransa He And His Trusted Companion Tibs May Have Pulled Off One Too Many Cons Against The City S Elite And Need To Make A Quick Escape They Set Their Sights On Their Biggest Heist Yet The Gorgeous Airship Of The Exiled Commodore ThratiaBut In The Middle Of His Scheme, A Face Changer Known As A Doppel Starts Murdering Key Members Of Aransa S Trailer ↠´ Steal the Sky (The Scorched Continent, #1) PDF by Þ Megan E.
O'Keefe Government The Sudden Paranoia Makes Detan S Plans Of Stealing Thratia S Ship That Much Harder And With This Sudden Power Vacuum, Thratia Can Solidify Her Power And Wreak Havoc Against The Empire But The Doppel Isn T Working For Thratia And Has Her Own Intentions Did Detan Accidentally Walk Into A Revolution And A Crusade He Has To Be Careful There S A Reason Most People Think He S Dead And If His Dangerous Secret Gets Revealed, He Has A Lot To Worry About Than A Stolen Airship I received a copy of this book through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review An interesting world with a lot of background remaining to be discovered, and characters that all hidedepth than one would think at first However, I found the story itself somewhat confusing.
It starts with an offer that our main thief conman character, Detan Honding, is in no position to refuse, coming from the very captain of the Watch A strange request steal the newfangled airship of ex Commodore Thratia, an exile from the the Valathean empire, infamous for her ruthless methods Soon enough, though, Detan and Tibal, his friend and associate, realise they may be out of their depth here, and that the players involved aren t so easy to thwart.
A lot of things revolve around selium, a strange gas found on the Scorched Continent, that can only be manipulat

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