Time At The Ito House, Nobue Looks For Another Part Time Job While The Girls Discover The Meaning Of Their Names, Dabble In English, And Show How To Win Hide And Seek After Looking Through An Old Photo Album, The Girls Reminisce About The Past And Decide That It S Time To Find Out Where They Came From Miu Starts A Quest To Rehabilitate Matsuri, And In The Process, Discovers What It Means To Be A Best Friend And Just When Did Nobue [ Pdf Strawberry Marshmallow Volume 5 (Strawberry Marshmallow) ¶ mail-order-brides PDF ] by Barasui ¶ Start Smoking Surprises Abound In This Next Volume Of Strawberry Marshmallow ☆ Strawberry Marshmallow Volume 5 (Strawberry Marshmallow) Ì Tr s jolies petites histoires C est distrayant et frais.

Overall Rating A Summary Created by Barasui, this comedy slice of life manga follows Nobue and her younger sister Chika, Miu, Matsuri and Ana through their everyday lives What separates Strawberry Marshmallow from other slice of life comedies like Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star is that the 16 year old Nobue drinks and smokes, and acts like an irresponsible adult In many ways, she fills the adult role that teachers and parents usually fill in these types of series In other words, she is dysfunctional and the younger characters everyone else is 11 12 seemmature at times Of course, the group also has it s requisite moe characters in the form of Matsuri and Ana In one chapter, Nobue forces Matsuri to wear a cat hat and tail, and say meow after everything, including when trying to pur Funny and cute But the older sister 16yo smokes Even though the younger sister says once or twice to the older one that its bad for you, this might still be a problem if you let kids read it But other then that its fine They at least show how the older sister never has any money because of it Some of the jokes are occasionally slightly suggestive but never vulgar Pretty much how real little girls might joke about such things But if your the type who cant take even the slightest suggestive humor when it comes to children then this might not be for you.
Overall I recommend it for fans of Kawaii cute things Because it is very Kawaii.
This review is for all of SM.

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