This is the story of Charley, who with her husband, Tom, has bought a house in the country.
Elmwood Mill is a wreck of a house but Charley and Tom have plans to renovate and turn it into their dream house.
Charley and Tom s marriage is not exactly happy They have been trying to get pregnant but have not been able to yet.
Charley begins to see things, remember times past, before she was born, and she begins to take part in Regression Therapy, in the hope that it will help her fertility.
But Charley is being pulled deeper into a past life and is becomingandanxious.
This is a dark story There are instances of animal death which I did find quite distressing, and I found myself skimming over those parts.
With tha At the age of 15 I read and was haunted by Audrey Rose, and have been fascinated ever since by other lives previous lives parallell lives.
Charley has already undergone a session of hypnosis before she and husband Tom move into a run down mill in the country.
Here, she has a powerful sense of deja vu, and sees people who no longer exist, and causes a bit of a stir with the older members of the village comminity.
She visits a different hypnotist, and the past and present start to merge.
At this point I started to wonder how the author wouldpull off the ending and whilst reading this sort of book, I often wonder what would happen if the hypnotist doesn t bring the subject out of the regression.
Well, it s all here, masterfu This was the first Peter James book I read and I love a good haunted house story but little did I realise I d be jumping everytime a door creaked at home for a week afterwards, and that was during the daytimeIt is a throughly well written thriller horror with a strong protagonist whose fiesty determination to uncover the truth makes her likeable.
There are some haunting incidences that really stay with you.
James ability to build tension and to keep a pacey narrative turns this book into a page turning, heart thumping, ghost train of a ride.
The shocks keep you on the edge of your seat and sometimes you have to remind yourself to breathe.
As the plot unravelled I found myself figuring out the conclusion, but I I don t read many novels because they tend to be short on substance and full of repetition compared to short stories and novellas This story is no exception It s rather predictable, and some chapters were supposed to end with a twist, but too much foreshadowing or the lack of originality allows the reader to see them coming The use of dream sequences and some of the prose is a little tacky too Nevertheless, I kept reading this book and quite enjoyed it, perhaps because the setting and characters were interesting For this reason, I can t bring myself to give it fewer than three stars That said, it has yet again confirmed my admiration for shorter fiction, especially in the genres of horror fiction and ghost stories Has Peter James written any good short stories I very nearly gave up on this book I m now glad I didn t Married couple, going through a bit of a tough time pack up and move from the big city to the picture perfect country house , hoping doing the old Fixer upper would also fix their marriage I know, roll eyes Add to that the fact you know there is going to be some level of creepiness involved, so the good old haunted house deal, right Wrong Well.
Sort of There will be no spoilers from me though Slow starting, it wasn t until around chapter 20 that it really lured me in Determined not to put another half read book back in my shelves, I stuck it out and was not disappointed Creepiness level rose quite nicely, I had a few actual out loud gasp moments, which I love A little predictable in parts but not enough to feel bored by it Well written, an engaging and exciting page turner with quite t I thought this book, Sweet Heart by Peter James started off a bit slow, but after a few pages I really got into the story.
When Charley and her husband Tom decide to buy a house in the country, they think they ve found the ideal place.
Charley feels a sense of Deja Vu about the house, Elmwood Mill, but puts it down to her imagination until they actually move in when strange happenings start to occur Charley remembers buildings that are no longer there, the house has an unexplained out of control electricity supply, there s an overwhelming scent of musky perfume and the acrid smell of burning, just a few of the strange things going on at Elmwood Mill Doubting her sanity and needing to get to the bottom of it all, Has A Strange Feeling When She Sees The Idyllic Mill House With Its Cluster Of Outbuildings A Powerful Sense Of Recognition, As If She Has Been There Before Except She Knows She Hasn T After Charley And Her Husband Move Into Elmwood Mill, Sinister Memories Of A Previous Existense Start To Haunt Trailer î Sweet Heart PDF by ↠´ Peter James Her ✓ Sweet Heart ✓ This is the first non crime book of Peter James that I have read and it was very good A subtle horror past lives tale with a likeable principal character It was an Amityville type tale of a house with supernatural issues combined with thesubtle psychological experience of someone reliving a past life The plot was very convincing and not far fetched but what let it down was the rushed ending, the pace at the end felt like it was out of place with the rest of the tale Notwithstanding this it was in many ways better than a true blood and guts James Herbert style horror, and I wish Peter James could carry on with this genre as well as thepopular Grace series, he seems to have forsaken the supernatural nowadays Well worth a read.
Really enjoyed this classic haunted house story Found myself drawn into the story and couldn t put the book down A couple of the characters were pretty stereotypical but the thing about stereotypes is that they do actually exist I thought Charley was a bit slow in places but I had to remind myself how difficult it would be for someone to accept paranormal happenings in real life.
Those small things aside I found the book totally absorbing and would recommend it to ghost story fans.
Considering this is one of his first books I happen to think it s one of the best Paraphsycological thriller at it s best.

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