5 stars.
Light, fluffy Star Wars fun, in the vein of, Tales from Jabbas Palace or Tales of the Bounty Hunters Nothing to expand enhance canon greatly, but these quick reads give us some insight into some minor characters from Force Awakens, and are quick, fun reads.
A great collection of stories that echoes past compilations like Tales of the Mos Eisley Cantina or Tales of Jabba s Palace among others, except that all stories in this book are by author Landry Walker.
We got stories from some of the colorful aliens that populate Jakku and Takodana, the most interesting places we were shown in The Force Awakens save for Hosnian Prime which doesn t have a happy ending.
The tales range from detective work, mystery solving, heists, etc and do create a sense of wonder and adventure that fits right in the Star Wars universe Four of these were already published as ebooks, but Unkar Plutt s adventure plus the Maz Kanata s castle cook ones are new to this volume They are very entertaining and not only they play on the mysterious character that is my favorite of the movie, Sidon Ithano, but also he brings ba

Four of the novellas featured in this book were released in digital form prior to The Force Awakens coming out I read all those novellas then and absolutely loved them It added to my viewings of The Force Awakens to know stories about a few of the background characters I ve always loved the Star Wars background characters I have the action figures to prove it Below are my reviews of each of the stories in this collection The two new stories are listed first, A Recipe for Death and True Love I highly recommend this book I give the overall book a 5 5 Since it says Volume 1 on the cover, I m hoping forI d love to seeStar Wars written by Landry Q Walker Title A Recipe for DeathThis story takes place in the kitchen of Maz Kanata s wonderfully quirky castle The sous chef is dead and the head chef has been framed An investigation takes place in the form of a cook off It s like Having read almost everything in the new Star Wars canon, I m coming to a conclusion I enjoy Star Wars most as a story for kids Maybe it s because I grew up with Star Wars myself, and it formed the biggest part of my imagination when I was a kid But I know that of all the books I ve read in the past year, I ve really enjoyed the ones aimed at a primary school middle school level, and I ve really disliked many of those written for adults Before the Awakening was great Aftermath was terrible.
It continues with this unexpected little book of short stories, Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away Aliens, Vol 1 I didn t even notice it when it was published earlier this year somehow it slipped under my radar But it really amused me, and I enjoyed it a lot Landry Walker has just the right kind of absurd, bizarre sense of humor ↠´ Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Vol.
↠´ Adorei esse livro Cada um dos contos tem seu ritmo, seu clima, seu tema foi uma tima cole o O que eles t m em comum os cap tulos curtos, o que eu vi como vantagem pra um livro de crian a que o caso desse livro, n o esque amos resenhistas raivosos High noon on JakkuNum clima de velho oeste, acompanhamos Constable Zuvio numa investiga o de um crime Gostei muito da narrativa n o linear e os cap tulos curtos d o uma maior urg ncia hist ria E como n o deveria deixar de ser, view spoiler banqueiros s o o pior tipo de gente hide spoiler I read a bunch of these short stories in 2016, a year after The Force Awakens had come out I loved them all and I was excited to find that they were now in a book instead of digital only ebooks There are even two bonus stories in Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away that I hadn t read yet The bonus stories A Recipe for Death and True Love are exclusive to this collection The four other stories can be purchased as separate ebooks and are free on kindle prime and unlimited Since this is a short story collection, I m going to review each story separately.
High Noon on JakkuThis is a cute, fun, and simple bank robbery mystery The characters were my favorite Everyone thinks Zuvio is angry because he s always squinting but it s actually because he can t This book contained 6 short stories as you might already know and while there is variety in each of the 6 stories, I only enjoyed 2 of the 6 I will also give each of the stories their own ratings.
High Noon on Jakku 7 10Good story, has a western sheriff outlaw feel and focuses on constable Zuvio, he s a Kuyzo, which happen to be one of my favorite alien species in the Star Wars universe, Embo is my favorite of them and he s in The Clone Wars.
A Recipe For Death 5 10Good story that reads as a cooking competition crime solving tale with a decent plot twist While I liked the aspect of telling a different kind of story in the Star Wars universe, I had no connection to the new character or the new type of story so it was kind of a miss for me.
All Creatures Great And Small 8.
5 10Very good story, loved that the story within the story dealt with the I was never a fan of the old Kevin J Anderson Legends novels, but some of the short story collections he edited, such as Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, Tales of the Bounty Hunters, and Tales from Jabba s Palace gave some of the most interesting and often peculiar backstories to background characters from the original Star Wars Trilogy Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Vol 1 Aliens is a junior novel that fulfils the same function for the first film in the Sequel Trilogy It consists of six short stories giving a little peek into the lives of characters from the First Order Resistance era of the Galaxy Far, Far Away.
Not all of the stories hit their mark, and they can be derivative of other works one in par Worlds Of Star Wars Are Full Of Countless Alien Species, Each Stranger And Fascinating Than The Last Here You Ll Find Six Stories For Kids About Just Some Of The Amazing Aliens Who Appear In The Smash Hit Movie Star Wars The Force Awakens Featuring A Dashing Tale Of Piracy And Double Crosses, The Story Of A Wise Jakku Constable And An Unfortunate Droid, And A Mystery That Can Be Solved Only By The Gruff Cook At Maz Kanata S Castle, This Collection Will [ Pdf Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Vol.
1 Ò numeracy PDF ] by Landry Q.
Walker ê Bring Thrills And Chills As It Takes You Deep Into The Corners Of Your Favorite Galaxy Far, Far Away Constable Zuvio Must Get To The Bottom Of Things When A Faithful Droid Commits A Bank Robbery In High Noon On Jakku The Frigosian Cryptosurgeons Of Takodana Give A Criminal On The Run Just What She Asks For In The Face Of Evil The Repugnant Scrap Trader Unkar Plutt May Finally Have Met His Match In The Twisty Tale True Love Bobbajo The Crittermonger Spins A Tale Of Bravery Against Impossible Odds In The Fable All Creatures Great And Small When His Sous Chef Turns Up Dead, The Cook At Maz Kanata S Castle Holds An Unusual Competition To Find The Culprit In A Recipe For Death And Pirates, Gangs, And Bounty Hunters Alike Race To Find Precious Cargo In The Crimson Corsair And The Lost Treasure Of Count Dooku Aliens una excelente colecci n de mini cuentos llenos de aventura, misterios, algo de locura as como un poco de terror disfrazado Son historias de criaturas que se encuentran en Takodana, Jakku y sus alrededores que se introdujeron en el Despertar de la Fuerza, b sicamente este libro logra ampliar o agregar m s datos al episodio VII lo cual es un peque o complemento o expansi n.
Las seis historias que abordan son sumamente creativas, algunas son demasiado predecibles en cuanto a su desenlace y a mi parecer resultaron muy forzadas Particularmente tres de ellas valen la pena, est n llenas de inspiraci n, y hay referencia a l neas y momentos cl sicos del universo incluyendo pel culas, libros, c mics y series de televisi n Conoces acerca de infinidad de especies sensible y no sensibles, maneja mucha informaci n, y en alg n punto te va resultar confuso sino estas familiarizado.

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