Well all I can say that I love the fake suicidal letter and Tamako s death haha I can t imagine Krizza Marie Yen, MAYAMAN believed and caught into that plan Nice idea Yanyan just for a million bucks you have done that to your friend haha that s really funny and crazy I love Tamadao hihi especially his lines Baby, I don t think its a good idea see I imagined that he s too cute saying those lines to Yanyan 3 and I can t believed that it contains bed and sex scenes wahahaha as I am reading this I can t contain the idea that I was like reading a pocketbook in public.
Most mature master craft that I ve read so far Love the collaboration of mature love and pain in this I can feel every emotions written Dynamic written craft that I wouldn t trade for anything 4 stars because of book corrections mistakes that I ve noticed all throughout the novel I mean, this is a published book and it needs to edit like a hundred times Mane Yen, Mayaman She Flaunts It And She S Proud Of It Tamako Sia, The Only Guy That Caught Her Interest He S Something Her Money Can T Buy He S Someone Who Broke Her Heart Without Even A Blink Of An Eye She Swears Never To Trust Him Again Ever Anyway, It S Rust A Broken Heart, She Can Handle It And Even If Hell Freezes Over, She S Still Krizza Marie Yen, MayamanBut Then He S Back With Ø Tamako Sia × Download by º BlackLily A Vengeance And A Body To Die For As Her Fiance And He S Not Only Threatening To Take Her Heart But Also Her WealthNow, What Would She Choose A Broken Heart With Her Wealth Intact Or To Be Poor But Her Heart Still Whole It would have been lower but compared to the books of the same league batch source whatever, at least it contained a bit of character growth Pero kailangan talaga ng proofreader At masusing editor May mga parteng makikita mong may gusto sanang sabihin ang author pero parang toned down I don t know, pero feeling ko talaga, dumbed down ang libro Mas okay na para sa akin yung mangamote ang mga readers sa pag intindi sa gawa mo, kesa naman dun sa pipigilan mo na ang sarili mong isulat kung anuman yun kasi baka hindi maintindihan ng nakakarami Ang problema kasi ngayon, mamimili ang mga writers, Palanca award o mainstream na libro If you get my drift.
â Tamako Sia Å Kala ko talaga patay na si Tamako It s funny Ito ang unang Libro ni Ms BL na binili ko Kako, para naman maidagdag ko siya sa koleksyon namin.
But honestly speaking, you can easily forecast the plots PERO ang hindi ko napaghandaan ang suicide letter Naniwala akong namatay nga si Tamako At hindi ko rin napaghandaan na joke lang pala ang lahat HahaAnyways, gave it three stars.
Pinatawa, pinakilig at pinaiyak ako nito hehe OMG, this is my first book that I ever read in Taglish form I didn t expect it would be the best love story I ever read so far, with such a very cool and good plot At first, it already caught my attention just by reading the back cover of the book, about the protagonist and so on The story truly is an inspiration on love and also like a reflection on how we lived our life,like choices we make in life The story has lots of lots of POV revolves in each characters with their experiences and or situations they had in life Though its really hard for me to express what I gonna say here about the book in my opinion, it has a meaningful story.
The book gives me a different kind of reading experience and that I even carried away by the characters emotions and the story itself I especially like how it is ended.
I became addicted

An interesting read, with full of humor and funny moments I enjoy reading this Tamako Sia, Angsty, Erotic, Intense, Sexy, and Terrifying Tamako became the Wattpad version of Christian Grey The story, unlike the ones which were messed up by the sexual scenes and kissing scenes, is different because BlackLily is a great author and smart enough to know how to insert and segue the intesifying scenes image error

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