When a friend goes missing some people will do anything to find the truth For Nora Grant, she knows something happened to her friend, so by going onto this yacht and selling herself, she ll do what she has to do What she doesn t expect is to run into the man who denied her so long ago and the last person she wants to see Zair is an Arabic playboy He gets what he wants and stops at nothing to get it When Nora lands in his sight, he knows she is out of her depth and doesn t belong there Buying her is the only way to get her out there and to do the right thing for his best friend, her brother How far will he have to push to get her to admit what shes up to And what was he doing there to begin with Its really a great start to a book.
In this first installment of The Billionaire s Innocent, Nora, a privileged rich girl goes looking for her missing best friend in the glitzy, glamorous, and yet seamy world of the yacht girls of Cannes Harlow has vanished after investigating sex trafficking in the south of France Nora feels responsible for pointing her in that direction and is determined to do what it takes to find her ending up on one of the yachts however, she sees Zair al Ruyi, her brother s best friend and the man she has loved since she was a girl, on the boat and all her plans change Zair rejected Nora once, and despite his feelings for her, does not believe he would ever be worthy He is playing his own dangerous game and swears to keep Nora out of his dark and deadly world.
Forbidden Series Billionaires Who Can Look, But Shouldn T Touch For Logan Black, Jaiven Rodriguez And Zair Al Ruyi, New York Is Spread Out Before Them Like The Garden Of Eden And No One Knows The Sweet Taste Of Forbidden Fruit Better Than America S Most Ruthless Billionaires Jaded, Cynical, With A Darkness That Threatens To Consume Them Whole, They Think They Ve Seen It All But Temptation Has Something [ read Online The Billionaires Innocent ✓ world-of-darkness PDF ] by Caitlin Crews á New In Store For Each Of Them When Nora Grant Decided She Wanted To Make Something Of Her Life, She Didn T Realize It Would Lead Straight To Prince Zair Al Ruyi Beneath His Polished Royalty, Zair Has Warrior S Blood Running Through His Veins, And He S Found His Next Conquest No Matter How Innocent Nora Is, She Can T Resist The Touch Of This Royal BillionaireCollect All Three Novels In The Forbidden Series THE BILLIONAIRE S INTERN By USA TODAY Bestselling Author Maisey YatesTHE BILLIONAIRE S FANTASY By USA TODAY Bestselling Author Kate HewittTHE BILLIONAIRE S INNOCENT By USA TODAY Bestselling Author Caitlin Crews In this sexy and suspenseful start to this erotic serial, Nora and Zair meet in a place they never expected to see each other a party where wealthy men pick up prostitutes Nora is desperate to find out what has happened to a friend, one she fears has been picked up by a French human trafficking ring and posing as a prostitute in Cannes is the only way she can think of to find some answers and hopefully her missing friend But to discover her brother s friend Zair, a wealthy Arab playboy and brother to a ruling sultan at this party is horrifying inthan one way because he s always been the one man she desired who is out of reach and to find that he would frequent such a place means she s never really known him at all.
I loved the start of this story There is an explosive passion between Zair and Nora that simmers between them from the first moment they make eye conta ↠´ The Billionaires Innocent ↠´ This is what I think is supposed to be the third book in the Forbidden series and in my opinion it was the weakest of them This book featured Prince Zair and Nora Nora is trying to find her friend Harlow who has disappeared after investigating sex trafficking She decided that the only way that she could find her is be posing as a prostitute on a pleasure yacht Zair knows Nora and when he sees her on the yacht he knows she s faking it and is not really a hooker He feels compelled to get her out of the situation but needs for her to tell him the truth, and of course he needs to force it out of her.
I don t know, this one just rang very untrue to me It felt at times the author was trying hard for this to be a light BDSM book, but really it just didn t work She was putting in very light scenes of dominance but even the characters thoug Review for all parts This is book 3 in a series written by different authors which gives each book a unique feel.
Nora has always been in love with her Brothers College friend Zair all her life When her friend Addison insinuates that Zair s family A royal family may have something to do with the disappearance of their friend Harlow Nora finds herself in international waters posing as a hooker in order to find her friend and prove Addison wrong However when Zair himself steps onto the boat acting like the bad guy she finds herself doubting herself and second guessing the man she has known forever Zair is walking a fine line between right and wrong in order of finding out the truth, family secrets that could ruin him He has to play his role well but when he steps onto the boat and finds Nora she threatens everything he s been wo A short and quick read, Caitlin Crews takes on the enigmatic and royal Zair Al Ruyi and the innocent Nora Grant on a ride of danger, corruption and passion in the second book of the Forbidden Series, The Billionaire s Innocent.
A frantic search of her missing best friend lands Nora in the midst of sex trafficking and drugs Posing as a prostitute, Nora hopes to find her friend, but ends up being escorted by her childhood friend, Zair Al Ruyi, who wants to protect and keep her innocent of the evil that walks the world.
Zair may be royalty, but his royal relatives are in the throes of drug and flesh trafficking and Zair has been covertly aiding in bringing them down Seeing Nora brings fore the love and lust he had as they were growing up And now finding her right in the middle of a dangerous situation brings out his p

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in place of an honest review.
Nora Grant is worried about her friend and decides she is going to the place that she was last seen She thinks she is being made to do things that she doesn t want against her will It s her worse day ever when she see s her brother s best friend Zair al Ruyi, She has wanted him for years.
Zair wants her bad but knows what her brother would do and she is innocent in the life that he leads He s a very dangerous man and he doesn t want it coming back on her If only he can get the real reason why she s trying to look like a woman of the night.
There s a hot scene in this book and it makes you want to read the next one This isn t the first book that I ve read by this author I really like her writing style and I know that I will be reading a really great book when I see her name on a book I m This was a short story and did what it was meant to, entice and be passionate While I understand that, I still struggle with this kind of read because I really likemeaty reads like those by Pepper Winters The premise of the story is interesting and the main characters are quite good alone and together It is easy to see they care for one another It wasn t a bad read and I have to say I enjoyed it The Billionaire s Innocent receives a pleased 3.
5 stars from me If the story was a bit longer andfleshed out, I would have easily given this a solid 4 stars.
When friends Nora Grant and Prince Zair al Ruyi end up on the same sex for hire party yacht they both wonder what the other is doing there.
Crews handling of the sordid flesh trade crisis is fantastic in this thrilling friends to lovers serial tale where explosive desire and over the top opulent vistas rule

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