The Black Stiletto Black White by Raymond Benson 5 STARSBlack White is the second novel of the the Black Stiletto I really enjoyed it.
I keep rooting for Judy Cooper and want things to go her way.
Martin is reading the second diary of his mother as she explains what is going on in her life as the Black Stiletto Martin had no idea that his mom was the Black Stiletto till she was in a care center with altimers.
The story jumps from what is happening in Judy s life back in 1959 in New York City.
Then comes to what is happening to Judy and her family now through the eyes of her son Martin.
They are both exciting and keep you interested and not wanting to put the book down.
Judy turns out she is starting to fall for FBI Agent John in her disguise as the Black Stiletto.
John is told to gain her trust so they can bring Some of the messages seemed a little forced But over all it was a fun ride that left me ready for the next one.
The Black Stiletto Black White The Second Diary by Raymond Benson The Black Stiletto Black White The Second Diary by Raymond Benson picks up where book one stopped Judy Cooper, the Black Stiletto, has fallen in love with an FBI agent, John Richardson who is instructed to arrest her on sight Her Sensei s teenage daughter is trapped in an untenable situation Judy s being threatened to have her identity revealed by an unscrupulous filmmaker.
Present day her son, Martin also discovers this threat through Judy s diary and also faces it with a second film being discovered Black Stiletto 2 is an intriguing book that I gave four stars Judy Cooper now has Alzheimer s Her son, Martin is reading her old diaries to reveal her story.
The Kindle edition I received had sentence and paragraph nu The idea of a female vigilante is very interesting The fact that his mother kept it a secret until her son reads her diaries is also a neat idea Some things in this book were a bit far fetched, but as a person who has taken martial arts classes, I was engaged in the story Hence I read a bit each day so I could remember the plot and it did keep me interested ¿ The Black Stiletto: Black & White ¿ Loved loved this book

Smooth flowing intrigue, thru different points of view, as well different time periods.
Another slow read, but I liked it ok Judy continues to grow in character and skill in this awesome addition to the Black Stiletto series I absolutely loved the first book Book 2 was just as good if not better Raymond Bensen skillfully draws in complications to the plot, giving the reader the extra anxiety of FBI interest in the Black Stiletto Special Agent John Richardson makes for an intriguing hunter and potential love interest Add to that a heroin drug lord named Purdy who catches the interest of the Black Stiletto when the daughter of her martial arts instructor, Shakitawa, is taken In her attempt to do a friend some good, a film maker ends up with an 8mm film of her unmasked in a dressing room, and he is threatening to unmask her publicly Indeed, it is quite a tangled web for Judy Cooper to walk through.
Meanwhile, Martin Talbot in modern times struggles with his looming financial crisis while his daughter goes off Well, I liked the first one much better To be fair I think it s just that the story is going in a direction that loses my interest I think it s just that the bloom is off the rose a bit Judy is about the same and she s still so very young for a person whose been through the things that she has I found myself sort of skipping through the book bored than interested in the developments in her life view spoiler Judy s efforts on behalf of her martial arts instructor even wore thin for me The romance with the FBI agent tracking her down and his changing attitudes toward her also wore thin for me very quickly hide spoiler Black Stiletto Is Back The Second Book Of The Thrilling New Series It S And Judy Cooper, The Black Stiletto, Sets Out To Confront The Heroin Kingpin Of Harlem When The Teenage Daughter Of Her Beloved Martial Arts Instructor Becomes A Prisoner In An Uptown Narcotics Den And She Has Fallen In Love Again, This Time With An FBI Agent Who Has Standing Orders To Arrest [ Pdf The Black Stiletto: Black & White ó vespa PDF ] by Raymond Benson ↠´ Her

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