I search through the index of each new book on magic hoping to find some new spelling of your name3,5 For those of us who live at the shorelinestanding upon the constant edges of decisioncrucial and alonefor those of us who cannot indulgethe passing dreams of choicewho love in doorways coming and goingin the hours between dawnslooking inward and outwardat once before and afterseeking a now that can breedfutureslike bread in our children s mouthsso their dreams will not reflectthe death of ours For those of uswho were imprinted with fearlike a faint line in the center of our foreheadslearning to be afraid with our mother s milkfor by this weaponthis illusion of some safety to be foundthe heavy footed hoped to silence usFor all of usthis instant and this triumphWe were never meant to survive.
And when the sun rises we are afraidit might not remainwhen the sun sets we are afraidit might not rise in the mor Audre Lorde was such a strong truth teller and master of the craft of poetry For me, her poems frankly pulsate with psychic power, love, feminine majesty, pain and cruel facts no one wants to know but must I happened to be reading this collection during the weeks when we learned that there would be no indictments for the police officers who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and Eric Garner in New York City And while this collection of Lorde s poems was published in 1978, two of the 67 poems in this collectionThe Same Death Over And Over or Lullabies Are For ChildrenandPowermourn the death of Clifford Glover, a ten year old black boy who was killed by a white police officer in South Jamaica Queens, New York in 1973.
excerpt fromPowerI am trapped on a desert of raw gunshot woundsand a dead child dragging his shattered blackface off the edge o It s always hard to review a collection of poems, but this is something I want to do for the words of Lorde because it was an absolutely amazing read In only two days I had raced through the collection which says something because you can t speed read through poetry When you read a poem, after each and every one you need a moment of pause, of reflection and a gaining of understanding The fact that this collection only took two days means I wanted to do nothing but immerse myself further in the words Lorde wrote.
I originally read this as a recommendation from my sister A little bit about Lorde I have learned that she was a black African American who was born in New York but traveled around the world in her lifetime She had sisters, was lesbian, a civil rights activist and also a feminist Knowing how to be Loved, Loved, Loved these poems It s rare that I read a book of poetry, but I read For colored girls recently and I think they really compliment each other I love its afrocentricity, and the almost mystical language she uses in many poems, especially at the beginning So much revolves around the planets, the sun, the moon, Orisha, and magic and it still feels very real and down to earth It s also SO relevant even today despite being written almost 40 years ago There is a poem about a black child being killed by police that could easily be about Tamir Rice Great read.

The poems in this book are absolutely beautiful I recommend reading them at the same time that you read Zami, a New Spelling of my Name Audre Lorde has an amazing story to tell Her poems have stayed with me for years.
é The Black Unicorn: Poems í African folklore collides with the modern world in this provocative collection of poetry Lorde explores darkness here, the beauty of black and the deep abyss of sorrow A common style in these poems is to have one thought collide with the next, a line of text in the middle rubbing against both of the lines above and below it, so that it becomes torn between two different meanings.
Many of these poems are laced with anger and many lovingly paying homage to people either real and mythical It s a beautiful and brutal collection that lingers, leaving one with a sense of uncertainty to the places they ve just been.
audre lorde is my lesbian mum and i love her poetry and choice of words and everything.
there are funny poems, honest ones, earnest ones, ones about lesbian sex, ones about death, she covers almost every topic possible and does it in a fantastic way her poetry really touches me.
Reading Audre Lorde has proved to be an equally challenging and rewarding endeavor Her poetry requires allocated concentration in order to meet the plurality of Lorde s artistic expression For plural identity, plurality of dissimilarities and oppressions, plurality of meaning and intention permeate the poems included in this anthology There is not a spare word in the amalgamation of colloquial use of language that includes press news, mental dialogues with long gone friends or family and the contrasting sophistication of Lorde s exotic brushstrokes that paint her works with the alien color of African mythology Lorde fuses the casual with the folkloric with firmness akin to a warrior of the written gospel fighting to banish the tyranny of imposed silence The result is a groundbreaking combination that expands Lorde s poetic voice, articulates the Afro American Continues Refusing To Be Circumscribed By Any Simple Identity, Audre Lorde Writes As A Black Woman, A Mother, A Daughter, A Lesbian, A Feminist, A Visionary Poems Of Elemental Wildness And Healing, Nightmare And Lucidity Her Rhythms And Accents Have The Timelessness Of A Poetry Which Extends Beyond White Western Politics, Beyond The Anger And Wisdom Of Black America, Beyond The North American Earth, To Abomey And The Dahomeyan S These Are Poems Nourished In An Oral Tradition, Which Also Trailer ã The Black Unicorn: Poems PDF by ✓ Audre Lorde Blaze And Pulse On The Page, Beneath The Reader S Eye

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