Eighteenth Century London, Porcelain Is The Most Seductive Of Commodities Fortunes Are Made And Lost Upon It Kings Do Battle With Knights And Knaves For Possession Of The Finest Pieces And The Secrets Of Their ManufactureFor Genevieve Planch , An English Born Descendant Of Huguenot Refugees, Porcelain Holds Far Less Allure She Wants To Be An Artist, A Painter Of International Repute, But Nobody Takes The Idea Of A Female Artist Seriously In ✓ The Blue ç Download by ☆ Nancy Bilyeau London If Only She Could Reach Venice When Genevieve Meets The Charming Sir Gabriel Courtenay, He Offers Her An Opportunity She Can T Refuse If She Learns The Secrets Of Porcelain, He Will Send Her To Venice But In Particular, She Must Learn The Secrets Of The Colour Blue The Ensuing Events Take Genevieve Deep Into England S Emerging Industrial Heartlands, Where Not Only Does She Learn About Porcelain, But Also About The Art Of Industrial Espionage With The Heart And Spirit Of Her Huguenot Ancestors, Genevieve Faces Her Challenges Head On, But How Much Is She Willing To Suffer In Pursuit And Protection Of The Colour Blue I am writing this review as a member of Rosie s Book Review Team authors, if you re looking for reviews, I recommend you check her amazing site here , and I thank her and the publisher for providing me an ARC copy of this book that I freely chose to review.
As soon as I read the description of this novel I was intrigued by the topic I ve read about the different fancies and frenzies that have taken societies or at least the upper parts of them by storm over history Suddenly, something new becomes popular, and, especially if it is difficult to obtain, people will go to almost any extreme to get hold of it and then use it to their advantage People have made fortunes and got ruined over the years by pursuing and purch London is alive And so am I 18th century, England Genevieve comes from a Huguenot family that found shelter in England, persecuted in their own country due to their religious beliefs In a time when the war with France is raging, Genevieve has to fight her own battle to acquire the right to be acknowledged for her talent to create beauty Apart from the military conflict, there is an ongoing race for the finest porcelain and the creation of the most unique and powerful of colors The colour blue, the symbol of divine perfection, authority, eternal beauty The colour of the sky, the color of the Virgin Mary Genevieve finds herself in a web of secrets and espionage, in an era when being a woman was already dangerous by itself.
The background of this novel by Nancy Bilyeau is ve

This antique lover loved this book In the 1700s, porcelain is at the center of London in every way It is traded like money and is possibly valuable Genevieve Planche is an English born descendent of Huguenots, and she longs to be a painter Venice is where she anticipates accomplishing her dream Sir Gabriel Courtney and Genevieve cross paths, and he offers her the chance to go to Venice if she works for him on a special task finding out the secret behind the color blue With this assignment, Genevieve finds out the secrets of porcelain, as well as the craft of industrial espionage This antique lover fell for the storyline all the way Learning the process of porcelain making was riveting, especially when learning how important blue was to the craft Genevi England and France were embroiled in war on many fronts in 1758 The Seven Years War was raging French, God fearing Huguenots continued to seek refuge in England Political and religious unrest produced fertile ground for spying Ask Sir Gabriel Courtenay, a most unscrupulous nobleman Sir Gabriel made Genevieve Planche an offer she couldn t refuse.
Genevieve was a third generation descendant from a line of French Huguenot refugees She lived with her grandfather, Pierre Billiou, in Spitalfields,London Pierre discouraged Gen s interest in oil painting since women were barred from the Royal Academy No lady of a good family could take art lessons It seemed unlikely that Gen would be apprenticed to a great artist in order to learn proper technique and composition Approached by Sir Gabriel, she was offered a path to Venice, an enlightened city, where she m

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